Becoming a social media butterfly isn’t too bad. So far, it doesn’t even feel like work! Cruising around the internet all day, looking for bathroom and interior design blogs, checking out tons of cool photos, rooms, houses and products, on Houzz, Pinterest and Facebook. Checking out so much stuff I shouldn’t be but expanding my mind and horizons in so many ways. Still haven’t quite figured out just what this blog is going to be about, I’ve got lots of ideas but how to tie them all to design, bathrooms and the main reason for doing this blog, driving traffic to

So, heres the latest bathroom shot with a sink in it…

Red and Gold Decorated Bathroom with Florentine Decorated Sink

Ornate red and gold bathroom styled from a few local consignment stores including the gold leaf dresser, and huge mirror (reclaimed from MGM Grand in Las Vegas) from Colleen’s Classic Consignment and vintage metal wall sconces.  The gold dresser really sets off the sink, decorated in the Florentine design with gold, red, blue and real gold motifs.

Here is the actual sink.

Florentine Design Painted on a Biscuit Vessel Sink

hand painted florentine design vessel sink
Florentine design on a biscuit vessel sink

You can see more photos of this sink on our new page. is an awesome site for anyone interested in interior design, home building and renovating and everything else in between.

Some of our other painted sink designs that might work well with in this bathroom are Gold Orchids, Engraved Scrolls and the Elegant Swirl.

Well it’s 2:24 pm and I spent most of the morning on this. Hmm… See you on Thursday, morning, I hope.

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