Some of our new collection of gold decorated vessel sinks.

For so many years decorated and hand painted sinks have been stuck in the garden. Not anymore! Our new collection of gold and platinum decorated sinks were designed to coordinate with today’s bathrooms. We’ve taken our inspiration from times old and new to create these versatile geometric designs in real metallic gold (and platinum). They can be installed with so many kinds of vanity or counter top in any style of bathroom decor, from traditional to uber contemporary. Here are a five of our favorites…

Gold Big Squares Design Painted Sink

Big Squares in Gold on a petite round vessel sink.
Big Squares design in gold on a petite round vessel sink by Decorated Bathroom.

This is a contemporary interpretation of a classic Greek Key motif. The big bold sets of squares shine brilliantly with all that gold. It’s shown here on a petite round vessel about 14″ in diameter but can be applied to any kind of flat fronted vessel sink, round, oval or square. Available in real metallic gold, as shown above, and platinum.

Gold Loops Design Hand Painted Sink

Gold loops design in gold painted on a white vessel sink.
Continuous “Loops” design in gold on a white round vessel sink.

These Gold Loops are so cool, I love them, they make me feel good. A little retro, a lot of fun and totally sophisticated this design looks great on a round vessel but will also fit well on an oval or rectangle vessel, and of course available in gold or platinum.

Cloverleaf Design Hand Painted Vessel Sink

Gold Cloverleaf Design looks great on a round white vessel sink.
Gold Cloverleaf Design looks great on a round white vessel sink.

The familiar cloverleaf motif on this sink has a kind of mid-century modern feel to it. Could also be interpreted as a kind of 70’s feel too but we won’t think about that for a few more years, if they ever come back. Can you imagine it, brown panelling and orange shag rugs? OMG. I dread the day. I’ll stick with the gold.

Gold Chevron Stripe Painted on a White Round Vessel

Metallic Gold Chevron Strip design on a white round vessel sink
Metallic Gold Chevron Strip design on a white round vessel sink.

Chevrons are showing up everywhere right now. The clean lines make it a sure fire hit in any bathroom, powder room or guest bath. This is our version done as a stripe here. The chevron stripes can also be continued all the way down to the bottom of the basin. Check out this example on the website, Chevron on a Rectangle Vessel.

Every time I see a geometric design right now I have to take a second look, they feel good. Maybe it’s the order and the repetition in them that gives one comfort after all the tumultuous times our world has been through these last few years. They go with practically anything  and can be integrated into so many different interior design styles.

Concentric Squares Design on a White Oval Vessel Basin

Gold Concentric Squares design on an oval vessel sink
Concentric Squares design on an oval shaped white vessel sink. In gold, also available in platinum.

These concentric squares create an optical illusion of striped triangles and diamonds in a running border on this oval vessel sink. The sink measures about 20″ x 14-1/2″ and is a nice size for an unusual vanity like a dresser or table because it’s not too deep.

Technical Info

All of our gold and platinum designs are created with real metallic gold and platinum and produce a beautiful, shiny luster after they are fired. We’ve worked hard with our silk screener SDI Custom Decal and our raw material suppliers in Germany to create the artwork and produce our decals to the highest possible standard. Once they are applied to our sinks here in USA, they are kiln fired to temperatures of about 1500 degrees F to permanently fuse the design to the glaze on the sink.  It will not wear off or fade away with proper cleaning. We take  great care with every one of our sinks and toilets to make sure that it is an original work of art produced to the highest possible standard to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Whether your bathroom is traditional, contemporary, eclectic, modern, totally wild, groovy, classy… whatever it is… it will be even more so with one of our sinks in it.  Check out our complete collection at and…. thanks for reading.

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