A whole industry has developed around rustic home decor and interior design for the lodge, lake house, cottage or fishing cabin. We’ve got our addition to the options with these Lodge Design hand painted sinks with a selection of gorgeous fish, wolves, moose, deer and flying geese.

The best thing about these are the motifs we use, they are beautifully hand-painted and finely lithographed so the results are always fantastic. They look great on a drop-in or undermount, but are also fabulous on the front of a vessel sink. Great colors make them easy to coordinate to any bathroom decor, counter or vanity. Some of them might be described as just a little bit ‘camp’… but in a good way.

Salmon Big Fish Lodge Design hand painted sink by decorated bathroom.
Salmon “Big Fish” lodge design hand painted sink. Shown on a white undermount basin.

My absolute favorite is this gorgeous salmon, it’s the Big Fish design. Rendered in cool shades of blue, turquoise, green and even a little purple on the fish scales. It’s shown here on a center drain 17 x 14″ St Thomas Vanity undermount.

Muskie lodge design hand painted sink.
Gorgeous Fish. The “Muskie” Lodge Design painted on a white St Thomas Vanity Undermount.

This one is my second favorite after the Salmon. It’s a big Muskie (pretty sure about that, if not let us know!) and it’s beautifully painted in several shades of brown, beige, yellow, green and highlighted with a deep maroon red. Light green seaweed and little shells surround it with another smaller fish on the opposite side. It looks great on this St Thomas Vanity undermount, the deep bowl makes a great space for decoration.

Moose and Deer Lodge design hand painted drop in sink.
Lodge design “Moose & Deer” on a white drop-in sink.

This is one of the most popular designs, the Moose & Deer. I think because there are so many hunters out there and this one is perfect for a hunting lodge or cabin. It’s a deer and a moose gazing into one another’s eyes rendered in shades of beige and brown. The smaller images on the rim are a kind of distressed or antiqued finish and are a lighter shade of brown with beige, gray and off white. The little animals look great on the rim and the design can be modified to fit on any kind of sink or toilet.

Howling Wolves midnight blue lodge design painted undermount sink.
‘Howlin’ Wolves’ lodge design in shades of midnight blue with highlight of turquoise and yellow on a white undermount.

The Howlin’ Wolves sink is painted in gorgeous shades of deep indigo blue and black with highlights of yellow and light turquoise blue. The pack of wolves are howling at the moon in a winter forest with a lake and snow-capped mountains in the distance.  It works great on this undermount basin and can also be applied to the front of a vessel sink.

Mallard Ducks in Flight hand painted st thomas vanity undermount sink.
Five Mallard ducks in shades of red, green and brown with green heads and yellow beaks.

One last sink… one for the duck hunters. The Ducks in Flight hand painted sink has five Mallard ducks flying across the basin. The male’s have bodies in shades of white and gray with bright red necks and feet, yellow beaks and of course…green heads. The females are painted in soft tones of brown and beige. Great for your hunting cabin, fishing lodge or place in the woods.

If you are into animals, we also have several other designs with animal themes including Leopard and Zebra. Check them out at the web site decoratedbathroom.com or go straight to the Animal Design page on the site.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. […] This is one of our most popular ‘Lodge Design’ sinks. It’s a bunch of ducks flying across the basin, as you can see. They are painted in nice shades of beige, gray, white, green and red, with gold beaks. It’s a little camp but because the ducks are so nicely painted, in such good colors, it can really look cool in the bathroom of your lodge or cabin, even sophisticated. So camp it’s cool. We have a few other Lodge design sinks with fish and wolves. Check out the complete collection on the website here and in a previous blog post here. […]

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