Here are a few beautiful bathrooms found on that would look great with one of our Metallic Border hand painted sinks in them.

Super Elegant Powder Room Featured in Architectural Digest

gorgeous gold powder room
Powder room of Emily Summers, featured in Architectural Digest, April 2012. Photo by Nikolas Koenig. Wallpaper, Cannon/Bullock; pendant light, Gunther Leuchtmann from Plug; vintage mirror and Kohler faucet.

The first is this gorgeous gold and white powder room. It’s from Architectural Digest so that accounts for the high level of style. I love the convex mirror and especially that wallpaper, it looks 3-D. The whole thing looks great just like it is but…. the Matte & Metallic Gold Border would make it even better, don’t you think?

Matte & Metallic Gold Border Decorated Bathroom Sink

Matte & Metallic Gold border design looks great on this Kohler Devonshire undermount.

This is the Matte & Metallic Gold Border in the wider version (approx 1-1/4″ wide) on a Kohler Devonshire. It can be applied to most undermount sinks, and probably some drop-ins and vessels too. The photo doesn’t do it justice. It shines beautifully in metallic glory.

San Francisco Showcase Home with Stenciled Wall and Sunburst Mirror

I absolutely love this interior, very chic and full of contrasts and interesting juxtapositions. The clean lines of the vanity contrasted with the organic shape on the wallpaper. The traditional color and detail on the cabinetry contrasted with the whimsical motif and color on the walls. The attention-grabbing mirror and gold accent accessories ties it all together. Lots of our sinks would look great in here. Something more textural and eclectic like the Wrapping Paper Flowers design but one of our geometric borders in gold would probably be a more conventional but still totally spectacular choice. The Chain Maille in gold could be nice but I think the Greek Key(ish) Border in gold would be the perfect fit and pick-up on the gold detail on the vanity. Groovy!

Greekie Key Border in Metallic Gold Painted Sink

Gold Greek Key Border design hand painted undermount sink
Greek Key(ish) Border design in gold on a white 17 x 14″ undermount basin

The Greek Key(ish) border is a 21st century adaption of the ancient Greek Key Motif. It’s available in real metallic gold or platinum and can be applied to many different sink installations.

White Marble Powder Room with Ornate Gold Mirror & Vanity

I think I saved the best for last and we’ve used this one in a previous post but I love it so much it’s worthy of two mentions. We’ve got a few ornate gold designs that would be totally awesome with all this white marble and drop dead absolutely gorgeous gold mirror. I bet that wasn’t cheap. If you are creative you can be innovate and buy a cheap plastic ornate mirror (they have black ones for $39 at Ikea that are really not too bad) and fake gold leaf it. This bathroom is pretty awesome as it is but the addition of the Big Fancy Border to the sink would be even better. It’s got a lot of gold on it so it makes a big shiny splash.

Big Fancy Gold Border

Big Fancy Ornate Gold Border on American Standard sebring
Big Fancy Gold Border really shines on a white American Standard self-rimming baisn.

The Big Fancy Gold Border design is on the rim of the sink in this example but it can be applied to the inside of an undermount basin as well. Also available in Platinum.

Fancy Gold Border Hand Painted Fluted Drop-in

Fancy Gold Border design on a white fluted drop-in sink.
Fancy Gold Border design on a white fluted drop-in sink.

This one is a little less splashy but still gives a good metallic shine, the Fancy Gold Border. It’s composed of stylized small leaves winding around the sink on a central vine. Currently available in gold only but next time we do a run of platinum borders, we will be adding this one.

All of our decorated bathroom fixtures, hand-painted sinks and toilets are kiln-fired to permanently fuse the design with the surface on the sink. They will not fade out or wear away with proper care. Please visit our website to see our complete collection of hand-painted bathroom sinks, all made by hand, with love and great care, by me!!!, in the United States of America. Thanks for reading.

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