15Here are a few elegant border hand painted sinks designed and made by hand in the USA, by guess who else but me. You can check out the complete collection of hand painted bathroom sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories on our website, decoratedbathroom.com. Visit us on Houzz.com, Facebook and of course check out our Pinterest boards. We’ve been working on a certain board, “Bathrooms our sinks would look good in”. When I say we, of course I mean me. There are lots of gorgeous bathrooms, powder rooms, guest baths and master bathroom ideas and suggestions for which one of our sink designs would look good in each interior.

These decorative border designs go great with so many bathroom styles and they add a little extra detail to the sink to make it all a little more special. We’ve made quite a few of this first design lately, the Big Fancy Border. Every sink we put it on it looks fabulous.

Big Fancy Border Design Hand Painted Sink

Big Fancy Gold Border elegant hand painted bathroom sink
Big Fancy Border in Gold on a white American Standard Drop-in.

Add something unique to your bathroom sink with this ornate scroll and stylized leaf border. Available in real metallic gold or platinum, this design adds an elegant touch to a powder room or master bath. Customers love it! Because there is so much gold on the sink, it shines brilliantly and really makes a splash in the bathroom. Coordinates easily with most vanities, granite and marble varieties.

Big Fancy Gold Border Hand Painted Fluted Drop-in

elegant ornate gold border bathroom sink
Big Fancy Border painted on a white fluted drop-in basin

We just made this one recently and as usual the photo doesn’t do it justice. It shines brilliantly with all that gold on it. We got an email from the customer, an interior designer, saying, “I received the sink and it is absolutely gorgeous!” I agree, it was. It’s on a new sink we just started using and they are made in the USA. More, lots more on that in an upcoming blog post. Who needs sinks from China when we can buy better ones here in the USA. Even the name brands, which I won’t mention, are being made in China and the consistency of the quality of production is less than desirable.

Fancy Gold Border Design Painted on a Fluted Drop-in Vanity Basin

Fancy Gold Border design painted on a white fluted drop-in basin
Fancy Gold Border design painted on a white fluted drop-in basin.

This border is a little smaller than the one above and is composed of stylized leaves on stems. It’s the Fancy Gold Border in real gold and coordinates with any countertop and is a sophisticated addition to the vanity in a master bathroom, guest bath or powder room. It looks gorgeous on this fluted drop-in, a popular choice by many customers.

Fancy Gold Border Decorated Basin V2!

fancy gold border ornate painted sink
The Fancy Gold Border design on a Kohler Devonshire

Here’s another version of the Fancy Gold Border, this one on a white Kohler Devonshire under mount. What’s nice about that sink is the rolled edge between the two ridges at the top of the basin, where the design is, it fits really well in the space.

Traditional Rope Greek Key Design with Scroll Edge Border

gold greek key hand painted lavatory
Smaller version of the Greek Key design on a white 17 x 14″ under mount.

This is a true Greek Key motif with a decorative scrolled border. Real metallic gold adds a touch of style to the sink in any bathroom, powder room, guest bath or master bathroom.

gold greek key design hand painted ceramic basin
Detail of the Greek Key Hand Painted Porcelain Sink

You can see the decorative scrolled-edge on the design on the basin in the photo above. As usual, sorry about the photo. I’m getting a photographer over here very soon to give me some help photographing the sinks. It’s quite a challenge.

These are just a few of the decorative border designs we offer, many available in both gold and platinum. Please check out all our decorated bathroom sinks, made in the USA, one at a time, by me and with love on our website decoratedbathroom.com. Thanks for visiting.

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