If you have a man cave or cigar aficionado in your home, then this hand painted sink with vintage cigar labels on it is a perfect fit. It full of great colors and pictures and is kiln-fired onto a white porcelain under counter basin.

Vintage Cigar Labels Painted Sink

Decorated sink with vintage cigar labels painted on it.
Decorated sink with vintage cigar labels painted on it.

The cigar labels on the sink are taken from a historic archive of actual labels, published by Dover. They are so beautiful, created back in the good old day, they were probably lithographed  and will add a touch of artistic nostalgia to the bathroom or men’s room.

vintage cigar labels painted on an under mount basin
Detail of cigar labels on the basin.

Top View Cigar Labels Painted Under Counter Basin

Vintage cigar labels painted on a white under mount sink.
Vintage cigar labels painted on a white under mount sink.

How did we paint these on the sink? The process is as follows. The Dover Archive is available on CD, they are actual high resolution scans of the original labels. Normally we have decals silk-screened for our sinks but these ones were made from a unique computer process where a specially equipped color copier with ceramic inks, which are ground up glass pigments, prints out a full color decal. The files and images require tons of tweaking to get the results shown above because ceramic pigment doesn’t work the same as regular 4 color. In the firing process colors that contain reds or purples behave differently than blues or greens, one can burn out the other colors, therefore the colors that make up the decals have to be adjusted accordingly for good results. A while ago we knew a guy who did a great job on them, he sold the machine, not so great the last try with the new company, so this is a limited edition!

Vintage Cigar Labels We Use on the Sink

Close up view of the actual cigar labels we use on the sink.

We have several other sinks suitable for a men’s room or man’s bathroom. Check them out on our website at decoratedbathroom.com. All of our sinks are made by hand in the USA and fired in ceramic kilns to permanently fuze the design to the surface of the china. It will not wear out or fade away with proper care. Thanks for reading. – Lynne

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