In this post we are featuring our hand-painted Oriental Poppies design on a pedestal lavatory, a couple of vanity basins and a matching wastebasket, porcelain shelf and custom mirror frame. The design is painted in shades of very bright red, with black and purple centers with little yellow dots, olive green leaves and gentle brown stems. Not a design for the faint at heart but those who order it are usually ones who go for the WOW factor.

Oriental Poppies Painted Pedestal Sink Top

red poppies hand painted pedestal sink top
Oriental Poppies in red, black and green on a discontinued American Standard Pedestal top.

Here it is on a discontinued American Standard Pedestal top. Bummer we can’t get the sink anymore because it was a really pretty one but we found something else, the Barclay Bali pedestal that will work well with this design and is a reasonable price. It’s all scalloped on the front. We just did a version of Gold Orchids design on it, looked awesome, coming to the website soon.

Oriental Poppies Powder Room

Oriental Poppies Powder Room with painted sink and mirror frame and accessories.
Oriental Poppies Powder Room with matching mirror frame and accessories.

Here it is installed in a green(ish) powder room with matching mirror frame, (top right of photo, you can only see the corner) porcelain wall shelf, and wastebasket and toilet, in the following photos. It’s my mother’s bathroom, and I believe she should paint the walls something more dramatic, the color they are don’t do the sink justice. How about black, or really dark green, red, something vibrant? She’s got tons of pizzazz too so I don’t understand why she has such bland walls in this bathroom. Sorry mom, I hope she doesn’t read this!

Oriental Poppies Hand Painted Toilet Tank & Lid

Bright Red Oriental Poppies Hand Painted Toilet Tank & Lid
Bright Red Oriental Poppies Hand Painted Toilet Tank & Lid

Here is the matching toilet tank in the Oriental Poppies design. We have applied the poppy design on the top of the toilet tank as well as the sides.

Oriental Poppies Painted Drop-in  Basin

Oriental Poppies Painted sink design on a drop-in vanity sink.
Oriental Poppies Painted sink design on a drop-in vanity sink.

Here is one more version of the design on a standard drop-in basin. We have also done a few versions of this design on an undermount sink and it works very well on that too. We are no longer using drop-in sinks that look exactly like this, we are using Kohler Pennington drop-in’s which have a slightly wider rim which allows more of the flowers to be seen.

Matching Hand Painted Poppy Waste Basket

Oriental Poppies on a white ceramic bathroom waste basket.

In addition to the mirror frame shown in the bathroom shot, we made a lovely porcelain shelf (also in photo) and this waste basket, or trash can. The customer loves her ‘Poppy Bathroom’. All of our sink designs can be applied to a complete line of accessories including soap dispensers, tissue box covers and even faucets.

The is just one flower design in our collection of hand painted and decorated bathroom fixtures. Please visit our website to see the complete collection. All of our sinks are kiln-fired and made by hand in the USA, by me… chief cook, bottle washer, et al, Lynne. Thanks for reading.

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