New sink on the website! I made it for our own powder room but it turned out pretty awesome so I decided to put it on the site. It’s a contemporary American Standard pedestal in white decorated with real metallic gold lines swirling up the pedestal leg, around the front of the bowl and down into the drain available on our website

unique bathroom pedestal sink painted with gold swirling lines
Gold Swirling Lines painted pedestal sink.

Inspiration came from several sources, most notably which one of our designs I wanted to look at everyday. The Loose Loops was my first choice but I didn’t want to use up any of those decals because that would trigger a silk-screen order of $500 and I really shouldn’t be spending any money on a Las Vegas house which is still worth only 66% of what was paid for it. I had lots of gold lines and could get more without having to spend too much so I went to work. You can buy this sink on our website for $1899 including US shipping. This design can be applied to any pedestal sink with clean lines for decorating.

Gold Swirling Lines Pedestal Sink 3/4 View

Gold Swirling Lines hand painted powder room pedestal sink
Gold Swirling Lines hand painted pedestal sink

I had a basic idea in mind, swirling lines, but I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to get them on there. I started on the middle of the front of the pedestal leg for the main ‘line’ and worked back and forth on either side to get the angles and curves looking good, often scraping off the previous line to get a nice even division between the next one. It took forever but the results are pretty awesome. I really like the way it goes into a small loop on the right of the pedestal, but if I was making it again I would have flattened out those curves a bit.

Top View of the Gold Swirling Lines Sink

hand painted pedestal sink with contemporary gold swirling lines design
Gold lines swirl down into the drain on the pedestal top.

Here is a top view of the bowl, I wanted the lines to swirl down into the drain and it took quite a bit of fudging and tweaking to get them nice and even and smooth. It was a challenge but, as a perfectionist, I persisted and succeeded. This design does require a little bit of extra care because the gold is where the water is. Keeping it clean (so you don’t ever have to scrub it) and especially dry keeps it looking great. Drying it after you use it eliminates water spots which can be seen on the metallic gold a little more easily than on a more colorful or busier design.

Blue Powder Room with Custom Sink & Toilet

Blue powder room with decorated sink, matching accessories and white mirror.
Blue powder room with decorated sink, matching accessories and white mirror.

Here’s a quick shot of the powder room, after a little more Photoshopping I am going to do a whole blog post on the bathroom. I need to get rid of the ugly wall texture, it looks cheap. It is unfortunate that we have the ugly orange peel texture on every single wall in our house. Who thought that was a great idea?

Gold Swirling Lines Decorated Toilet Tank & Lid

Dual flush toilet tank and lid decorated with the Gold Swirling Lines design.
Dual flush toilet tank and lid decorated with the Gold Swirling Lines design.

By the time I got to the toilet tank, I was feeling pretty confident with my application system and it didn’t take too long. It’s an easier shape to decorate than the sink. I also decorated the bowl of the toilet. No photo in that in this post, you will have to check back on the whole powder room post coming soon. In the meantime, you can see the Gold Swirling Lines toilet tank and lid on our website here.

This is one of our more contemporary hand painted sink designs but we have lots of others with flowers and more traditional designs too. They are all made by hand, by me in the USA and kiln-fired for lasting beauty and durability. Please check them all out on our website, and THANKS FOR READING. Please feel free to leave a comment and follow our blog. – Lynne

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  1. Doris Avatar

    beautiful and classy

    1. decoratedbathroom Avatar

      Thanks Doris. Come and see it anytime!

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