custom gold orchids kohler anatole hand painted pedestal lavatory

The Gold Orchids is a great design for those who want to add something beautiful and unique to their bathroom or powder room. Is is one of the more popular designs on our website, where you will find a beautiful selection of decorated and painted sinks, all made by hand in the USA.

The Gold Orchids design is composed of ornate gold orchids done in a matte and shiny metallic gold finish with delicate black outlines. It looks great on the sinks shown in this post, but can be applied to virtually any sink or toilet.

Gold Orchids Painted Sink in a Gold Powder Room

hand painted sink with gold orchids floral design
Gold Orchids painted on a white fluted drop-in basin.

It’s always hard to tell in a photo but the shiny gold sections really sparkle. This example is painted on a white 17 x 14″ fluted drop-in. Available on our website here, Gold Orchids Fluted with a matching porcelain soap dish.

Gold Orchids Painted on a Fluted Pedestal Sink

Gold orchids and bands hand painted pedestal lavatory
Gold Orchids design augmented with gold bands on a fluted ‘Bali’ pedestal.

We used to do this design on an American Standard pedestal but unfortunately (or fortunately) it was discontinued because the sink above, the Bali pedestal is even prettier and a little smaller. The American Standard Repertoire was huge and heavy, very hard to work with. This one is a more appropriate size for a powder room and the sculpted fluting on the leg and front of bowl is perfect for decoration. Available on our website here.

Top view of the Gold Orchids Decorated Pedestal

gold orchids decorated porcelain bathroom pedestal sink
Gold Orchids design decorated pedestal sink bowl.

The scalloped front of the sink is highlighted with two gold bands, one thicker and one thinner. They really accent the shape of the sink and add some extra elegance to the design.

Gold Orchids Decorated on a Kohler Pedestal

Kohler pedestal lavatory painted with gold orchids
Decorative Kohler pedestal painted with the Gold Orchids design.

This customer was very specific about the sink she wanted. I really didn’t want to make it because the blank sink, with no design on it was about $800 but I prayed and did it. Fortunately nothing broke and it turned out spectacularly. We did a previous post on this painted sink with the matching toilet, you can check that out here.

Gold Orchids Pedestal in Ornate Black Bathroom

gold orchids painted pedestal sink in black and gold powder room
Black and gold powder room with the Gold Orchids pedestal lavatory.

This is a faked up powder room. I ran out of energy when doing it but you can see what a great contrast the black walls make with the sink. The ornate gold mirror goes pretty well with the design too.

This design can be applied to practically any sink or toilet. All of our sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories are made by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for everlasting beauty and durability. Please check out our complete collection on our website, and thanks for reading.


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  1. […] I did take a photo of these two items. A ceramic tissue box cover and tall soap dispenser decorated with a matching Gold Orchid design. They complete the look of the decorated bathroom, and tie all the items together. You can tell I’m getting tired of writing this blog copy, I’m getting desperate!!!  The customer loved this sink so much she ordered two more in a different design for the master bathroom. You can see some of the other Gold Orchids decorated bathroom fixture we create in a previous blog post, Gold Orchids in the Powder Room. […]

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