fancy gold border ornate painted sink

Here is a selection of some of the gold and silver or platinum border painted sinks we sell on our website, Most of these designs can be applied to any under mount basin, all of them coordinate seamlessly with any granite or marble counter.

Big Fancy Border in Gold

Big Fancy Gold Border hand painted under mount vanity basin.
Big Fancy Border design in gold on a white rear drain under mount.

This is one of our most popular border designs. It’s painted on the basin in real metallic gold or silver. If you want to add something unique to your bathroom sink, one of our border designs can make a beautiful bathroom even more special.

Big Fancy Border Painted Sink in Platinum

ornate fancy platinum border hand painted under mount basin
Big Fancy Border painted sink in Platinum or silver on a white vanity sink.

Here is the same design in real metallic platinum. The stylized leaves and scroll design shines brilliantly on the sinks and can be painted on to any size of basin.

Fancy Gold Border Painted Sink

ornate gold border decorated bathroom sink
Fancy Gold Border painted on a white 17 x 14″ under mount sink.

This design is a little smaller and not quite as fancy. It’s a stylized leaf design and also looks great with any vanity and marble or granite counter.

Fancy Gold Border on a White Fluted Drop-in Sink

Fancy gold border hand painted fluted sink.
Fancy Gold Border painted on a white fluted drop-in basin.

All of our gold borders can be applied to the fluted sink that is shown above. It’s a gorgeous fluted sink about 17 x 14″ (also comes in a larger size) and is made in the USA by Bates & Bates, the last manufacturer to still be making sinks in America. I am so grateful about that because the quality is excellent which I would not always say about the sinks that come out of Mexico or China. Contrary to popular belief, Kohler is not made in the USA. Only problem is that they are a little bit expensive.

Matte & Metallic Gold Border Painted Basin

Matte and metallic gold border painted on a white vanity basin
Matte & Metallic gold border design on a white Kohler Devonshire basin.

Even though I am not a fan of Kohler, this is a Kohler Devonshire under mount basin and has a curved area where the design has been applied. It fits perfectly in the space and really makes the gold shine on the curve.

All of our painted and decorated sinks are made in the USA by hand and kiln-fired for lasting durability. They do not require any special care. We recommend, as do all manufacturers, not to use any abrasive cleanser. Keeping them clean preserves their beauty. All of our fixtures are guaranteed. Please check out our complete collection on our website, Thanks for reading.

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