fancy gold border design painted sink

Our painted Gold and Platinum border sinks are a great choice if you want to add a custom touch to the basin in your master bath, powder room or guest bathroom. The most popular installation is a standard 14 x 17″ undermount basin, but it can be painted on any undermount lavatory, drop-in sink or fluted basin.. They match practically any marble or granite countertop and all vanity styles, from traditional to contemporary. This is one of our collection of gold and silver border painted bathroom sinks, check out the complete selection on our website, All of our fixtures are made by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for everlasting beauty.

This post is all about the Big Fancy Border. It’s one of our most popular border designs and is available in gold or platinum. It’s inspired by a historical archive and is composed of ornate scrolls and stylized leaves. The image featured above is in gold on a white 15-1/4′ x 18-1/4″ American Standard Sebring Drop-in bathroom sink, Big Fancy Border Drop-in Painted Sink. We aren’t using them anymore, instead Bates & Bates makes one here in the USA almost exactly the same and is better cause it isn’t made in China, or Jhina as DT would say!

Big Fancy Border Painted on Bates & Bates Fluted Drop-in

elegant ornate gold border bathroom sink
Big Fancy Border painted on a white fluted drop-in basin

This is a pretty bad photo but it actually looks pretty great ‘in the flesh’. The sink is a white Bates & Bates Georgia, approximately 17-7/8 x 14-1/4″ and a drop-in installation where the faucets are installed separately on the counter. Bates & Bates sinks are made in Oxnard California to the highest possible standard and we are proud to be using them for as many of our painted sink designs as we can. Not actually available on the website, but I can make you one just like this, contact me at for details.

Big Fancy Border Under Mount Vanity Basin

white undermount sink with fancy ornate gold border
Gold Big Fancy Border sink on a 17 x 14″ white under mount

This version is the most popular installation, it’s done on a standard 17 x 14″ under mount vanity basin, Big Fancy Border Under Mount. Another pretty lousy photo, it’s so hard to get a good metallic photo. The featured image at the top of the post does the design the most justice so needless to say the sinks look way better in reality. The design is a a bright shiny metallic gold (or platinum or silver) and kiln-fired to about 1500 degrees F so the design won’t wear off or fade away with proper care, which is nothing abrasive. Also available in platinum, which looks pretty awesome too.

This is just one border design option we have available for sale on the website, where you can check out the collection of painted and decorated bathroom sinks and toilets, made by hand by me in the USA!!!

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