zebra pedestal sink in jungle bathroom

This post features a little jungle-inspiration for the bathroom and If you like animal prints, this sink is for you. It’s just one of the hand-painted and decorated sinks we have in our collection at decorated bathroom. All made by me, by hand in the USA and many of the actual fixtures are made in the USA too, in beautiful California, although it does have some problems right now. I went for a factory visit where they make the sinks in Oxnard, California, and there was a whole line of ramshackle campers and trailers along the street where people were living. That can’t go on, do they all have to leave California? then who is going to do all the jobs there, they need affordable housing. Tiny houses!!! I’ve been fantasizing about them for30 years plus. I always wanted a little ‘Wendy House’ in the garden, that’s what they call them in the UK. I could live in a tiny house, then I need at least 1500 square feet for a studio, kiln room, sink storage and shipping dept. Fortunately I live in a decent house in Seven Hills in Henderson, I can’t complain, but I am sick of all the rocks. If you like animal prints, we also do a Leopard sink with an equally gorgeous leopard design. Let’s get to the Zebra and Leopard Bathroom.

Jungle Bathroom with Zebra Painted Pedestal Sink

zebra pedestal sink in jungle bathroom
The sink glistens in black and white against the leopard wallpaper.

The customer already had the wallpaper and bathroom done, she just wanted to replace the fixture and I just knew the Zebra Painted Pedestal Sink was a great fit. The wallpaper is a lovely leopard print with a slight texture to it, totally luxe. I like the almost black faucets and antique-style black mirror with gold accents. Nice wastebasket too.

Zebra Painted Pedestal Sink

painted pedestal sink with zebra design
Zebra design painted on a contemporary Toto pedestal lavatory.

The fixture is a Toto pedestal and it’s a big one, 24″ wide. I really don’t do them that big anymore, too hard for me to lug around and put in a top loading kiln. The sink is painted with the Zebra design all over it. Not actually painted by hand, more like applied by hand, every single stripe!! I made the artwork on the computer, in Illustrator, and then have SDI Custom Decal, in Hawley PA print ceramic decals for me. The decals are made up of finely ground up glass pigments, suspended in a medium. Once fired in the kiln, all the medium and binders fire away (they totally stink) and the pigment and design remains, permanently fused to the surface of the china once it reaches temperature in the firing process. It the same kind of process that is on plates and mugs. Very durable. It won’t wear out or fade away with proper care, which is nothing abrasive. Just like a mug you start using an abrasive on to get the coffee or tea rings out, after time the shine will wear off the finish.


Zebra Painted Pedestal Lavatory Bowl

zebra pedestal sink top
Top view of the Zebra design painted on the pedestal bowl.

Here’s another photo of the top of the sink. What else can I say? Lookin’ good.

Zebra Painted Pedestal

Small pedestal sink painted with Zebra design
Zebra design painted on a small pedestal sink

This was the first sample sink I made in the design so it’s on a no name generic pedestal from Home Depot. It’s really quite a nice little sink for a small powder room.

Zebra Painted Under Mount Vanity Basin

Vanity sink painted with zebra design
The Zebra design painted on a white 17 x 14″ vanity sink.

I can put this design on any fixture, sink, toilet, tiles or accessories. This is it on a white undermount. It’s not that popular a design because it takes a lot of nerve to put a sink like this in your bathroom, but if you have it, well, it’s spectacular. It glistens in very shiny black and white, it really looks delicious. It’s just one of the collection of painted sinks I made and sell on my website, decoratedbathroom.com. Please check them out and thanks for reading. – Lynne


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