Top view of the wild design painted sink

I just came across this photo of a sink I made way back when, a test of sorts, that I could never part with because it really is beautiful in a wild and crazy way. The wall-hung sink is painted with designs including ivy, a few sheep, toile, roses, dolphins, botanical flowers, cherubs, Jesus, Mary, a little zebra, palm trees, a big pink bow and more. It’s on an industrial-style wall mounted basin made of vitreous china and very heavy. One day I will either sell it or use it on the office powder room, when I get one. It’s not listed on our website at the moment, but you can buy it for $899 including US shipping. Contact us at for details. It’s a work of art.

Wild Design Hand Painted Sink 3/4 View

3/4 view of the Wild design painted on a white wall mount basin
3/4 view of the Wild design painted on a white wall mount basin.


Painted Sink with Collage of Images

Top view of the wild design painted sink
Top view of the wild design painted sink.

This view allows viewing of the other images on the sink including the big pink bow, blue roses, Jesus, dolphins, pink roses, red poppy, ferns, palm trees, I love the sheep, and more. All of the pictures on the sink are ceramic decals which are the same kind that are used on plates and mugs. After they are applied to the sink, it’s kiln-fired to permanently fuze them with the glaze on the sink. They will not wear out or fade away with proper care. What is proper care? It’s nothing abrasive, just keep it clean and you don’t have to use abrasive methods to clean the sink.

Wild Design Hand Painted Sink 3/4 View, the other side!

You can see some of the other stuff I managed to get on this sink. I see some strawberries and a cross on there too.

sink painted with almost everything
The other side view of the wild painted sink.

Painted Sink Detail

Detail of the Wild design.

It’s even decorated on the bottom!

Wild painted sink bottom
Here’s the bottom view of the sink painted with lots of different stuff

The Wild Design CAN be applied to any bathroom fixture, if you want to get something way out for your bathroom. Definitely a conversation-starter. I think, one day, maybe not too far in the future, I’ll be getting a new office, in a separate building from where i live, and I will be installing this one in there. I could do a great toilet to match as well, lord knows of have tons of ceramic decals that I don’t use for my regular line of painted and decorated sink designs. On the subject of toilets, I’ve always wanted to do a wall-hung one. This could be the perfect design to paint on a wall-hung toilet. I would painted the design all over it, some manufacturers offer a ceramic ‘flusher’ panel, mounted on the wall, so I could add some design to that as well. I see it in a very plain bathroom, without much else, color or anything, just light, and the sinks, and of course a couple of mirrors, they always add light and life to a small space. Did you know that mirrors are the band-aid of Feng Shui? Some friends told me that about 30 years ago, when they wanted to do a Feng Shui CD. that probably wasn’t a bad idea. All the things in life we ‘should have done’. I just heard an obituary on the radio, NPR of course, sorry if you don’t approve, and the person was quoted as saying that he didn’t have too many regrets. Maybe between now and then I will be able to let go of them, so that I won’t. Right now, I’ve got a few too many!!!!

Back to the sinks. This is one of the more unusual hand painted and decorated sinks we have in our collection, most of them are a more traditional with themes like flowers, roses and gold borders but all of them designed and made by hand in fabulous Las Vegas Nevada, by me, Lynne. Some of our most popular designs are the Scented Garden and Chintz designs. These are versatile floral designs that can be painted on anything from sinks, toilets, tiles and I even make murals (on tiles) out of them. They are pretty fun and it’s nice to work on something flat for a change, Sinks are usually pretty curved. I just made a customer a set of shower shelf inserts, like the kind that are tiled into the wall. She found a great guy on the internet,, the man makes them all by hand and they are beautiful fixtures. I tried to my customer on a couple of flowers here and there, but she wanted them covered all-over and was willing to pay whatever it cost to do that. I obliged, of course, I should have probably made it more because they took forever to make, but it was pretty fun and they turned out absolutely beautiful. I will definitely be featuring them in a future blog post. Two double shower shelves with a spot for the soap on the bottom, and shampoo and conditioner on the top. I hope they don’t have too many bottles to put on the shelves, it’s going to cover over all the flowers.

Some of our other popular designs include the Lodge series, fish, moose and deer and themes ‘lodge-design’ related. They are some of my favorite designs, and easy to make as well! As long as nothing screws up! This business is plagued with technical difficulties. Every stage of the process is prone to problems. Fortunately I am a detail-oriented person so I check, and re-check everything throughout the process, pray, cross my fingers then check them over again and sometimes there are still problems. My other job is graphic design, so much easier on the computer to either, undo, I wish I could do that when I’m making sinks, and also keep making corrections and changes until things are perfect. Unfortunately, once something has been fired on to the sink, there is no getting it off. Did I mention that all of our sinks are guaranteed for the life of the fixture? Well, they are, the design won’t wear out or fade away with just a little bit of TLC. I’m up to 1000 words, I need more!!!

We have lots of happy customers here at Decorated Bathroom LLC. That is one of the best things about doing this business, my customers really love their sinks and toilets. I get emails all the time saying how much they love them and how beautiful they are. Here are some links to some of our most reviewed sinks. It’s weird, that some sinks, I don’t sell that many of, but they have lots of reviews, i.e. the people that purchased them really must love them. The Rococo is one design that comes to mind. It’s got beautifully hand-painted poppies, hibiscus, daisies, roses, violets, orchids, freesia and hummingbirds on it. All the different colors makes it easy to coordinate your bathroom decor around it and it has a romantic feel. Bold and subtle colors range from soft pastel shades to a vivid red in the poppies with lots of blue, green and everything else in between. This can be described as a traditionally-styled hand-painted sink. I might as well put a photo of it, here it is…

Rococo & Hummingbirds Painted Drop-in Bathroom Sink


Romantic flowers and hummingbirds painted sink
Rococo and Hummingbirds design painted on a white Kohler Pennington vitreous china drop-in bathroom sink.

Here is what some of the customers of Decorated Bathroom who purchased this bathroom basin had to say about it:

Toni said
“I am happy to say that I adore this bathroom sink and think that it is worth every penny we spent on it. It is sturdy and more than lovely and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something really special in their bathroom!”

Lynette said:
“I have had my sink for a few years now and I absolutely LOVE it!! It is just beautiful! I have a counter top that is under lit and the sink looks great with that. It has held up great and cleans up beautifully. I would buy it again and again! It is that pretty. I am thankful every time I look at it that I found it. Thank you for a beautiful work of art!”

Nancy D said:
“What a SURPRISE !! It is really a masterpiece that I have not expected this much of perfection in its configulation of wonderful bouquets surrounded by those of hummingbirds… I LOVE my sink. Millions of my appreciation to your masterpiece and the support!”

Check them all out at and thanks for reading!

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