This project was a custom version of the Wrapping Paper Flowers design sink in turquoise, lime green and navy blue on a biscuit vessel sink.

custom decorated vessel sink
Custom version of the Wrapping Paper Flowers sink.

The client provided us with three color chips and we custom matched the floral pattern to coordinate. We provided this mock-up to the client for approval and got the go ahead.

Mock-up for client
Mock-up for 3 color Wrapping Paper Flowers painted sink

It turned out fantastic and looks awesome installed. Love the contrast with the stone walls, ultra modern faucet, glass countertop and elegant scroll supports.

Here is the room installation, it really puts the sink on display. Do you think any visitors ever mention it when they enter the room? Many thanks to designer Leah Rabi for her vision and great photos.
You can check out the Wrapping Paper Flowers design decorated sink here. It’s available in many colors and can also be custom matched to any color, any combination on any color sink.
Please check out our complete collection of hand-painted and decorated sinks at
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