This bathroom was done for a client who loves painted sinks. She purchased several and installed them in several of her (numerous) bathrooms. This one is in the master bath, which is done in white with marble and lots of mirrors. The Chintz sink, toilet and accessories really stand out against the neutral background. Love the swan faucets which were $$$ but exactly what the client was looking for.

White bathroom with Chintz floral painted basin
Chintz design slightly modified on a white fluted sink with elegant swam faucets and Chintz accessories.

The Chintz design on the toilet was  highlighted with gold bands to tie it in with the gold faucets and flusher on the toilet.

Hand Painted Chintz floral toilet
Chintz design on a traditionally styled toilet with gold band highlights and matching toilet brush holder.

The flowers in the chintz design are done in a watercolor style and include pink and white roses, yellow buttercups, light blue forget-me-nots, lots of green leaves and even a butterfly or ladybug. The Chintz design looks great in a Victorian renovation or in something a little more contemporary like this bathroom. The wide range of colors in the design make it easy to pick one up and coordinate your bathroom around it.

This is the actual sink that we sell on the site, shown here on a white fluted drop-in. If can be modified to show less of the design on the sink like it is in the bathroom.

Chintz fluted hand painted sink
Chintz design on a white fluted. This version has more of the flowers painted on the basin.

This is the toilet tank with gold bands.


Chintz design painted toilet tank and lid with gold band highlights.
Chintz design toilet tank and lid with gold band highlights.

All of the chintz designs can be adapted to almost any style of sink or toilet and can be modified with more or less of the design on fixture. Please check out the rest of our decorated bathroom fixtures and accessories at Thanks for reading. See you soon in a new bathroom with one of our decorated sinks.

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  2. G.p. page. Avatar
    G.p. page.

    Wow what a spectacular sink arrangement. Iam looking at bathrooms because we want to do something like this . Really pleased to fin d it.

  3. Mike Freelander Avatar
    Mike Freelander

    My wife and I love these painted bathroom sinks and bowls but we can’t find them anywhere in Australia! Do you have any ideas?

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