Designers and homeowners are looking to add elements to make their bathroom project unique and our new collection of gold and silver border painted sinks are it. Ten new designs in styles from contemporary geometrics to more traditional editions like this one, the Big Fancy Border.

Big Fancy Border on a white American Standard Sebring Drop-in Sink
Big Fancy Border in Gold on a white American Standard Sebring Drop-in Sink. Also available in platinum.

It’s shown here in real metallic gold on an American Standard Sebring drop-in. The border fits perfectly on the rolled edge of the basin and because the rim of the sink sits on top of the counter it creates a big ‘show of shine’ in the bath or powder room – you can see it from all angles.

Available in real metallic gold or platinum, the Big Fancy Border can be applied to an undermount or drop-in sink and combines easily with almost any vanity and countertop. This one is inspired by an Art Nouveau archive of classic designs with intertwined, stylized leaves, swirls and heart-shaped motifs.

Detail of Big Fancy Gold Border hand Painted on Sink.
Big Fancy Border detail.

Here are a few beautiful bathrooms featured on it would look great in.

Elegant Gold Bathroom

Opulent Red & Wood Bathroom

Ornate Gold & Marble Powder Room

I especially love the gold and marble powder room above. Simply ornate… done just right.

We use the age old techniques of ceramic decoration on all of our fixtures, the same process that is used for plates and mugs. All of our sinks are decorated by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for lasting durability. Please check out our complete collection of hand painted sinks at Thanks for reading and I’ll be back next week with another addition to our new collection for 2014…Gold & Platinum Border hand painted sinks.

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