Spring is here and our customers have been adding lots of flowers to their bathroom sinks lately. What’s popular?

Scented Garden Dresden Style Hand Painted Sink

Scented Garden with Hummingbird Hand Painted Fluted Sink.
Scented Garden with Hummingbird Hand Painted Fluted Sink.

If you are looking for a colorful and traditionally styled hand-painted sink, the Scented Garden design is for you. You’ll be reminded of a fragrant flower garden every time you enter the bathroom. Lots of colors to coordinate the rest of the room around and just about every kind of flower including roses (of course), tulips, daisies, violets, iris, cornflowers, a butterfly or ladybug and even a hummingbird or two. They are one of our most popular flowered designs. Check it out in a white & blue bathroom with matching toilet and custom tile mural in the Installation Gallery on our site.

Floral Chintz Design on a White Fluted Drop-in Sink

Chintz Garden Floral Hand Painted Fluted Sink.
Chintz Garden Floral Hand Painted Fluted Sink.

The next on the flower agenda is this Chintz design. We’ve made a few of these in the last couple of weeks. Something about spring, maybe people have a more positive and sunnier outlook now the economy is better and the awful winter weather is finally gone. This one is full of delicately painted pink roses with lots of smaller blue and yellow blossoms with lots of green leaves. It can be applied to any sink or toilet in any combination from just a little to a whole lot of flowers all over the sink. Check out the Elegant Chintz Bathroom and Accessories post to see it installed in a white marble and mirrored bathroom with a matching hand-painted toilet and bathroom accessories.

Magnolia Soulangiana Painted on a White Drop-in Sink

Magnolia Soulangiana hand painted on a white drop in basin.
Magnolia Soulangiana painted on a white drop in basin.

Another popular floral design is the Soulangiana. We just made one of these for a lady with a 200 year-old stone farmhouse in Pennsylvania. Guess what they have out front besides a gorgeous porch? …a gorgeous Magnolia tree (they sent a photo) and the homeowner decided to pick-up on that theme and chose this sink for the powder room. The house and location looked idyllic.

All of our sinks are made by hand in the USA with great love and care. We take pride in what we produce and every one is a work of art, kiln-fired for lasting durability. Please check out our complete collection at decoratedbathroom.com and thanks for reading.

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