If you are looking for a traditionally hand painted sink or basin with a colorful floral design… THIS IS IT! You’ll think of a fragrant flower garden everytime you walk into the bathroom with this versatile Dresden style floral Scented Garden design painted on the sink. Multiple bouquets of flowers in many colors including tulips, poppies, roses, daisies, violets, chrysanthemums, iris, morning glory, cornflowers, a even hummingbird, a ladybug and butterfly or two! Because the colorful nature of this design it is easily coordinated with any bathroom decor, vanity or countertop. It’s one of our most popular designs and always in style.

In this bathroom the customer renovated for an updated, more contemporary styled bathroom with the fresh color combination of blue and white which really set off the colors in the design.

Blue & White Scented Garden Hand Painted Bathroom

Blue and White Scented Garden Bathroom
Blue and White Scented Garden Bathroom

As you can see by the top view of the sink, it’s a little less design than we normally put on this basin. However, since there was so much of it everywhere else in the bathroom, the customer decided it would be prudent to include a little more white space on the sink. It’s installed here in quite a large family bathroom so there is plenty of room and a big skylight makes it nice and bright. The Scented Garden has been incorporated into the entire bathroom, on the sink, toilet, tiles & accessories. You can see in the photo below smaller flowers in the design which have been added to the towel bar to tie it in with the backsplash and sink.

Side view of the Scented Garden Painted Sink
Side view of the Scented Garden Painted Sink

You get a good view of the selection of flowers on the basin including roses, tulips, poppies, daisies, violets, chrysanthemums, iris, morning glory and cornflowers to name just a few in colors including red, pink, yellow. purple, blue, green, orange… ok just about every color except black. It makes it really easy to pick up one color or a few to coordinate the rest of the bathroom too.

Toilet Tank with Hand Painted Scented Garden Design

Scented Garden Floral Hand Painted Toilet
Scented Garden design on the toilet with butterflies and coordinating accessories.

Here is a shot of the Scented Garden toilet, a 2-piece St Thomas Arlington and goes great with the traditional feel of the design. The tiles were all custom fired with a selection of smaller bouquets of matching flowers on the floor and also on the toilet paper holder. The individual accent butterfly tiles break up the expanses of white space and suit the overall theme of this garden inspired bathroom.

Scented Garden design on a white toilet tank and lid.
Scented Garden design on a white toilet tank & lid.

The addition of a hummingbird is a nice touch on the toilet tank.

Scented Garden Hand-Painted Tile Mural

Scented Garden design on a tile mural
Scented Garden design on a tile mural.

The client wanted to tie the whole thing together with an elaborate mural in the shower, framed with navy blue accent tile. The design was worked out on paper first then transferred to the individual tiles for firing.

The sink, toilet and mural shown in this bathroom are not shown on our web site. However, we can custom-make them for you with pleasure. Just contact us @ Lynne@decoratedbathroom.com for details. Please check out our complete collection of hand painted and decorated bathroom fixtures at decoratedbathroom.com. All of our sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories are made by hand, (by me) in the USA and kiln fired for lasting beauty. They will not fade out or wear away with proper care. Thanks for reading.

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