This Euro-style bathroom with multi-patterned tiles in many shades of purple stands out among the norm in bathroom design. Lots of our hand-painted sink designs could be combined with this unique interior but the two we are featuring in this blog post are the Fancy Emblem hand-painted in platinum and the Wrapping Paper Flowers in the subtle contrast of gray and white.

Multi-Pattern, Many Shades, Purple-Tiled Bathroom

Gorgeous!!!!! Purple Tiled Bathroom by FapCeramiche

I love the fact that so many different patterns and shades are combined in the same space to achieve a unified effect. From the oversize multi-dimensional floral tiles on the wall to the subtly-lined, lighter shade and totally different design in the shower. The floor tiles are the same, but a smaller size and shape to add another dimension. I especially love the shower room, very European to have it like that, kind of a wet room. The fact that the water splashes on the floor (with a drain) and not the glass enclosure saves a lot of squeegee time and keeps your bathroom looking good 24/7. Notice the mosaic tile on the floor in the shower room, great for practicality and it ties in all the other shades of purple in this bathroom. The wall mounted toilet is great too. Hopefully bathroom design in the USA will keep on evolving to a European style and standard and include some of these practical additions. Several of our hand-painted sinks would be a great addition to this bathroom, here are a few options.

First up is the Fancy Emblem design and one or more of the symbols would fit beautifully on the front of the sink.

Ornate Fancy Emblem Design on a Square D’Vontz vessel basin

Fancy Emblem hand painted vessel sink by decorated bathroom
Fancy Emblem design hand-painted vessel sink in real metallic gold would be a nice addition to the bathroom.

This ornate emblem would fit right in with the eclectic style of the bathroom. We created the Fancy Emblem motif to ‘spice-up’ the front of a boring white sink! Sorry about the lackluster photography, the design is actually a nice, bright and very shiny metallic gold. If you visit our web-site,, you will find some other photos of the sink where you can see the metallic shine a little better. It’s shown in gold here but looks great in platinum too.  Next up…

Wrapping Paper Flowers in Gray on a White Vessel Sink

Wrapping Paper Flowers Hand Painted Sink.
Graphic and textural floral design, Wrapping Paper Flowers, in gray on a white vessel sink.

Because there is so much going on in this purple bathroom, the Wrapping Paper Flowers design in a subtle contrast of gray on white could be great too. It’s a geometric floral design which looks totally textural with this minimalist contrast, almost like fabric. You just want to run your fingers over it. Again, this one is very hard to show in a photo. If I was a better photographer, or could afford to hire a professional maybe it would look more like it actually does! Maybe one day… This design can be custom-colored to any shade and would also be beautiful in this bathroom in another light shade of purple or lavender. Oh la la. It can also be way out there like the tri-color version we did in shades of blue and green. Check it out in the previous post, Custom Floral Vessel Sink Not in a Bathroom.

Gray and white floral hand Painted sink detail
Close up of the design painted in gray on a white vessel sink.

This is a close up of the geometric, stylized floral design.

When we say hand-painted, it’s a loose term only to describe the end product which is a hand-painted sink. There are some people out there who paint their designs by hand, but all the others, including Kohler, Sherle Wagner and almost everybody else who creates decorated sinks uses ceramic decals. They are the same thing that is used on mugs and china and create an extremely durable and long-lasting finish. All of our hand-painted sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories are hand-made in the USA by me and are guaranteed for the life of the fixture, the design will not fade out or wear away with proper care.

Please check out our complete collection of hand-painted bathroom sinks, toilets, tiles & accessories at Thanks for reading.

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