This super elegant bathroom enchants with oversize black and white wall tiles with an ornate emblem that contrasts beautifully with the same design done in gray on black. Another European style ‘salle de bain’ with clean lines and a sophisticated atmosphere and our Fancy Emblem or Big Fancy Border hand painted sink designs would be the perfect complement to this interior.

This photo came from but I can’t find it on there now. Sorry cause the tiles are pretty gorgeous and I’m not sure where they come from, Italian most likely. Check out the shadowy-looking gray on black tiles complementing the white on black section… love it.

Gorgeous black and gray and black and white tiled bathroom

The bathroom looks great ‘as-is’ but one of our decorated sink designs, in shiny metallic platinum, would make it even better!  Here are a few options.

The Fancy Emblem Hand Painted Vessel Sink

fancy emblem hand painted sink
Three quarter view of the Fancy Emblem Painted sink in platinum. The design is on all sides of the vessel sink.

We created this design, the  Fancy Emblem  to create a little drama on the front of a plain white sink. It could be painted on the sink as a single emblem or multiples could be applied to create a design echoing the motifs on the tiles. In platinum of course. Another option that would also tie in well with the tiles is this next sink… the

Ornate Big Fancy Border Design Hand-Painted Sink

big fancy border hand-painted drop-in sink
The Big Fancy Border design painted on a white American Standard Sebring drop-in basin.

This is the Big Fancy Border design, shown in gold on an oval drop-in but as with most of our painted sink designs they can be adapted to many different installations. The border would fit perfectly around the outside of the sink in the black bathroom, of course in platinum. The ornate swirls and leaves would tie in beautifully with the brocade (ish) design on the wall tiles.

If it was my bathroom, I think I would go for something way over the top, like the Wrapping Paper Flowers design, in black on white. It’s not a design for the faint of heart but neither is this bathroom!

Black & White Geometric Floral Hand Painted Under Mount Basin
Black & White Geometric Floral Hand Painted Under Mount Basin

All of our sinks, toilets and bathroom fixtures and made by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for lasting durability. We use a combination of ceramic decals and some hand-painted embellishment. Our decals are made using the same process that people have been decorating china with for close to 200 years. Finely ground glass pigments are combined with a medium and silkscreened using the traditional methods. These decals are applied to the sink or toilet and then fired in a kiln to a very high temperature which fuses the design with the surface of the fixture. The design will not wear out or fade away with proper care.  Please check out our complete collection of hand-painted bathroom sinks, toilets, tiles & accessories at Thanks for reading.

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