Why is it that everything so gorgeous is always Italian? I can speculate on the answer but what I do know is that what I see… I like. Maybe it’s got something to do with all those years of tradition, or living somewhere surrounded by all that beautiful art and architecture. Whatever it is, from cars to shoes and handbags, wine, food, and… tiles. There are so many options at the moment that are totally unique, totally gorgeous, totally expensive (I’m sure) but would go so totally great with some of our hand-painted sinks. Two that would look great with this beautiful blue bathroom are the Elegant Swirl and the Fancy Emblem.

Super Cool Totally Blue-Tiled Contemporary Traditional Bathroom

Fab Ceramica blue italian tiles

This bathroom interior is a take-off of a traditionally-styled bathroom design, but that’s not wallpaper or wainscoting on those walls, they are tiles! The two different styles of blue vertical stripes coordinate beautifully with each other, and the white row of sculpted trim tiles frame the space and create a needed break between the two patterns. The black wood antique dresser or vanity is well-proportioned with a wide width and elegant long legs and has the stature to stand out around all those stripes. The curving lines of the ornate mirror, antique lamp, and decorative accessories and blue and gold bathroom mat add a little more style and also create a break from all the vertical movement with their organic shapes and gold color tones. I especially like the bathroom floor covering, you don’t see anything like that at Target, HomeGoods or even Macy’s… maybe Neiman Marcus or Saks. The overall effect of this bathroom is relaxing, clean and sophisticated. I would love it.

Our Fancy Emblem or Elegant Swirl design in platinum or gold would be awesome painted on the front of the large rectangle-shaped vessel sink. The gold would pick up the gold accents on the accessories and floor covering. Of course, it would be equally great in platinum, it would tie in the with chrome faucets and silver always works well with those shades of blue.

Elegant Swirl Design Decorated Vessel Sink in Metallic Gold

gold elegant swirl hand-painted vessel sink
Elegant Swirl design in gold painted on a white vessel sink by decoratedbathroom.

This is our Elegant Swirl design shown in gold on a white rectangular vessel basin. The curved lines and swirls in this design would create a welcome contrast with the stripes on the walls as well as tie in the with more ornate style of the accessories. A little bling on the sink is never a bad thing! The next sink that would look good is…

Ornate Fancy Emblem Design on a Square D’Vontz vessel basin

fancy emblem hand painted sink
Three quarter view of the Fancy Emblem Painted sink in platinum. The design is on all sides of the vessel sink.

This is the Fancy Emblem design. It’s an ornate motif we created to dress-up the front of a boring white sink. If you visit our web-site, decoratedbathroom.com, you will find some other photos of the sink where you can see the metallic shine a little better. This design would complement the blue bathroom shown above the same way as the Elegant Swirl design, a little break from all the hard edges of the striped tiles.

We have a thing for super-cool tiles right now. Check out our other blog posts featuring some of these sinks and other exquisitely-tiled bathrooms.  Thanks for reading and please check out our complete collection of hand-painted, hand-decorated sinks at decoratedbathroom.com,. All made by me, by hand in the USA!


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