Pedestal sinks have been suffering from a lack of attention of late with everyone doing fancy vanities with vessel or undermount basins. But… if you have a guest bath or powder room and don’t need any storage, a pedestal sink is an easy option and if you incorporate one of our hand-painted sink designs, it will be the focal point of your new bathroom. Here are three pedestal options with our floral designs, the Gold Orchids Hand Painted Pedestal Sink, the Heirloom Roses and old-standby, Ivy. They are all great for traditional guest baths, powder rooms and half bathrooms. All of our hand-painted sink designs can be adapted to any size and shape of basin so if you don’t see what you are looking for, check our web site . We’ve got quite a few option for very small pedestal sinks, which are popular in historic renovations and remodels due to the often very limited space for a guest bath or powder room. First up is this spectacular pedestal with a gold floral design, the…

Gold Orchids Hand Painted Pedestal Lavatory

gold orchids design hand painted bathroom pedestal lavatory sink
Gold Orchids design on an American Standard Pedestal.

The Gold Orchids design is made up of matte and shiny metallic gold orchids with leaves and stems which are delicately outlined in black. As usual, kind of hard to see it in it’s true beauty with our photography, but it’s very flashy. All that gold on the sink really shines. Unfortunately, the American Standard Repertoire is not currently available. I’m saying not currently because you never know, they might bring it back because it was a great sink for decorating. However, we can apply this design to any pedestal lavatory. We are just about to do a custom version on an almond color Kohler Anatole Pedestal, which is a very expensive pedestal sink with a beautiful fluted leg and sculpted bowl. I am always hesitate to start with such expensive fixtures because sometimes they break in the kiln during firing or worse, during shipping. We are also doing a toilet tank and bowl for the customer in the same design so it’s all going as a freight shipment on a skid so the ‘breaking risk’ will be greatly reduced. After all that work, we don’t want our products to get damaged in shipping so we pack them up pretty well with extra boxes and shipping foam.

Detail of Gold Orchids Floral Design Painted Pedestal Sink

Gold Orchids hand painted pedestal lavatory detail.
Gold Orchids hand painted pedestal lavatory detail.

The orchids, leaves and stems are a shiny metallic gold with matte gold lines and black outlining. The sink is truly spectacular ‘in the flesh’ and can be coordinated with any color bathroom, black, gold, white, red, etc. If you prefer something less flashy and a little more traditional, this next sink is a great option…

Heirloom Roses Hand Painted Pedestal Lavatory

Heirloom Roses design on a white St Thomas Pedestal Lavatory
Heirloom Roses design on a white St Thomas Pedestal Lavatory

This particular pedestal, in the Heirloom Roses design, was done for a client who wanted lots of pink roses all over her bathroom. She got it. We also did a matching toilet, covered in the same pink and white roses with dusty green leaves. We have made a few of these on pedestals over the years and I’ve heard from our customers that they cherish them (as they do with most of our designs). The sink it’s on is a St Thomas Arlington pedestal, the largest size, which they have thankfully discontinued. The tops on them weighed about 40 pounds and it was tricky getting them into our top loading kilns!

Heirloom Roses Painted Pedestal Sink Detail

heirloom roses hand painted pedestal lavatory detail
Heirloom Roses design detail

Detail of the Heirloom Roses design. you can see all the pretty shades of pink, green, white and gray in the blossoms and flowers with delicate, curving brown stems. These hand-painted roses really add some old-world charm to any powder room. Next is the…

Ivy Hand Painted Pedestal Lavatory

Ivy hand painted pedestal lavatory sink
Ivy Design Painted on a Petite Traditional Pedestal Lavatory

Here is a nice edition of our Ivy design applied to a small traditional pedestal.  The Ivy leaves are rendered in several shades of green with dark brown stems and trail over the bowl. Not too much of the design is on this pedestal lavatory but it can always be modified to include more. We did a matching toilet tank for this custom sink too.

Ivy Hand Painted Pedestal Bowl

Ivy hand painted pedestal bowl
Top view of the bowl of the Ivy sink

Here is a top view of the pedestal bowl showing how the Ivy design looks. Can you tell I’m getting a little tired. Time to end this post and spend some time making some sinks and not doing ‘social media’ for the web site, including this blog. As always, anybody who is reading this… THANK YOU… and I hope you will check out our complete collection of hand painted bathroom sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories, all made with love, by me (Lynne), by hand in the USA at 

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