It’s amazing how popular our Lodge and Cabin design hand-painted sinks are. Some of the choices include ducks, fish, wolves, moose and deer. Besides the fact that they are really beautiful lithographed images, they add a bit of ‘camp’ charm and a dash of color to an otherwise brown wood bathroom. This post features our Ducks in Flight Design decorated sink and some rustic cabin, fishing camp, lodge-style bathrooms we found on Houzz.

Ducks in Flight Painted Vanity Basin by

Ducks in Flight design painted on a white St Thomas undermount
Ducks in Flilght design painted on a white St Thomas under mount basin.

This is one of the most popular of our Lodge design sinks. It’s a subtle addition to any bathroom, not too much on the sink or over-the-top. It’s five ducks, male and female, flying across the bowl in several stages of flight. It’s easy to coordinate to any style of vanity or color combo and pick up the colors in the design with the towels and bathroom accessories.

Detail of Ducks Design on the Sink

Ducks in Flight design painted sink detail.
Ducks in Flight design painted sink detail.

The ducks are rendered shades of gray, white, brown and beige with beautiful green heads, deep red necks and feet and yellow beaks. Here are three rustic bathrooms (found on Houzz) that the would be even better with some ducks on the sink!

Cabin-Style Family Bathroom with Lots of Wood

cabin style wood paneled bathroom
This looks like quite a large bathroom with a nice big walk in shower and double sinks in the vanity. I like the contrast between the travertine floor and tile in the shower with the more rustic elements like the wood paneling on the walls, window trim and especially the vanity. It all works together really well, it looks cosy and warm. I love that big tub which looks like a claw-foot. Imagine the smell of the wood when this was first built, it must have been wonderful. The Ducks in Flight design painted on the sinks would be the perfect compliment. I like all the neutral tones, but a little color wouldn’t hurt. Brown and beige aren’t the only interior choices out there… sometimes it feels like they are! Way overused. I’m not a brown-lover. Since childhood I am known for ‘not liking brown’.  I grew up in the 70’s and some of you may remember it was everywhere, with orange, avocado and gold,,,,ugh. Now you know how I feel about brown, here are a few more (brown) bathrooms the Ducks in Flight sink would make even better.

Totally Wood-Paneled Four Piece Bath with Distressed Vanity

wood paneled rustic bathroom
I wonder if the vanity is actually an old piece, or a contemporarily distressed one. It works great with all the other wood on the walls, floor and ceiling. The cane-seated chair is a nice touch and ties in with the rest of the decor. I also like the lamp, too many bathrooms don’t have ‘mood’ lighting. A nice bath on a winter evening must be a very calming experience indeed in this bathroom. The Ducks in Flight sink would look great in here, also the Deer and Moose. That design has some distressed elements and they would coordinate with the other distressed pieces in this bathroom.

Mountain Log Home Bathroom with Wood Panel Walls

wood paneled family bathroom with claw foot tub

What I really like about this bathroom is the wood on the walls. It looks like there is a beamed ceiling too. The tile floor matches well and makes sense, after all it is a bathroom. The Ducks in Flight sink would add some color to these sinks. Although we normally create that design on an under mount basin, we can also apply it to a drop-in like the ones shown in this bathroom. Love the bathtub, crank up the hot water, throw in lots of bubble bath and relax. It looks very inviting. The Muskie design would also go well in this bathroom, it would tie in nicely with the vanity and tile backsplash.

Muskie Design with Snails and Seaweed Painted Sink

muskie hand painted fish sink
Muskie Design with Small Fish, Seaweed and Shells painted on a white undermount.

That’s it for now. As usual, all of our sinks, toilet, tiles and bathroom accessories are hand-made to your specifications in the USA. We kiln-fire all our fixtures for lasting enjoyment, the designs will not wear out or fade away with proper care. Proper care is just to keep them clean with a soft cloth and to use non-abrasive cleanser. We use the same process on our sinks that is used on kitchen china like plates and mugs so the decoration is on there for the life of the fixture. Thanks for reading and please check out our complete collection of hand-painted sinks at

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