Complete the look of your decorated bathroom with a hand-painted toilet to match your sink. All of our sink designs can be applied to most toilet tanks and many toilet bowls. Here are a few examples of some popular floral designs on toilets from our collection of hand-painted bathroom sinks, toilets and accessories. Check out the whole collection at

Chintz Painted Toilet Tank & Lid with Gold Accents

Chintz flower hand painted toilet tank with gold
Chintz garden hand painted toilet tank with gold highlights

Take a trip into a summer garden all year long with pink and white roses, yellow buttercups, light blue forget-me-nots, lots of green leaves and even a butterfly or ladybug, all delicately painted in a watercolor style. This design looks great in any bathroom from a Victorian renovation to a 21st century contemporary. All of the Chintz designs can be adapted to almost any style of sink or toilet and can be adapted with more or less of the design on the fixture. This toilet is highlighted with gold bands. Available with or without the gold bands. Coordinates with the Chintz Garden Fluted drop-in.

Blue Amaranth Medallion Toilet Tank & Lid

Blue delft rose design painted on a white St Thomas Arlington Toilet Tank.
Blue Amaranth design painted on a white St Thomas Arlington Toilet Tank.

Inspired by Blue Delft china, our blue and white designs work great in powder rooms and master baths in styles from traditional to contemporary, even Country French. Coordinates with the Blue Amaranth Medallion sink. Shown on a St Thomas Arlington Toilet Tank & Lid. Can be adapted to most toilets.

Pink Heirloom Roses Design Hand Painted Toilet Tank

heirloom roses hand painted toilet tank
Heirloom Roses design toilet tank and lid

If you love a rose garden then these garlands of pretty pink Heirloom Roses with dusty green leaves will bring their everlasting charm to your bathroom. Coordinates with the Heirloom Pedestal sink. Shown on a St Thomas Arlington Toilet Tank. Can be adapted to any toilet tank and lid.

Scented Garden Floral Painted Toilet Tank & Lid

Scented Garden design on a boring Kohler Toilet Tank
Scented Garden design on a boring Kohler Toilet Tank.

Add a splash of color with this Dresden style floral in the bathroom. Tulips, poppies, roses, daisies, violets, chrysanthemums, iris, morning glory, cornflowers, a hummingbird and ladybug or bee. The wide range of vibrant colors in this timeless design are easily coordinated with any decor. It’s one of our most popular designs and always in style. Coordinates with the Scented Garden Drop-in basin. Check out the Scented Garden design in a blue and white bathroom in a previous post.

These are just some of the selection of hand-painted toilets available on Please check out our complete collection of hand-painted, sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories. All of our fixtures are made by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for everlasting beauty. Thanks for reading.

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