Seashells look great painted on the sink in a beach or seaside-themed bathroom. In this post we will be featuring two porcelain vessel sinks, a drop-in basin and a pedestal lavatory, all with a variety of sea shells painted on them, some resting on a bed of hand-painted sand.

White Vitra Vessel Sink Painted with Shells and Sand

Sea shells and sand hand painted sand on a white vessel basin.
Sea shells resting on a bed of hand painted sand on a white vessel.

This version is on a very nicely shaped European vessel sink that is higher on both sides and lower on the front and back. A bunch of colorful shells, a starfish, sand dollar and conch with lots of pink, brown and beige highlights are painted on the basin and a beige tone sand texture in the background. Great for the guest bath or powder room in a beach house or condo. Order it here… Seashells Vessel on our website

Sea Shells Design on a Kohler Drop-in

hand painted sea shells design on a white kohler drop-in
Seashells design painted on a white Kohler drop-in.

This is the same series of shells, arranged into a different design with some on the rim, the Seashells Drop-in. No sand in the background. Most of our designs can be adapted to any installation style as well as modifying the design on the basin.

Colorful Seashells Painted on a Biscuit Vessel Sink

Colorful sea shells with hand painted sand vessel wash basin.
Colorful sea shells with hand painted sand background on a vessel wash basin.

We call this the ‘Colorful Sea Shells’ design because the shells are more colorful. Like that? They are painted in shades of brown and beige, golden yellows, and ochre shades with pink, green, blue and red highlights. This version shows them with the hand-painted sand in the background, but it can be done without it too and would still look great. Check it out on our website here.

Sea Shells Painted Pedestal Sink

Hand painted sea shells design on a white pedestal sink.
The sea shells design on a white traditional pedestal.

Here are the same shells as in the first two examples, this time on a traditional pedestal sink, also with no sand. It’s cheaper. We made a toilet tank lid to match this sink, it exploded in the kiln as you can see below.

Exploded Toilet Tank Lid in Kiln

Broken toilet tank lid in ceramic kiln
Never good news when you open the kiln to this.

We had to order the customer a new tank lid and make it again. It’s surprising how often there are hairline cracks in bathroom fixtures. I try to check very carefully before firing, but sometimes crazy things like this happen. It sucks for me bigtime!!!!

Seashells Design painted on a Kohler Toilet Tank

Seashells design painted on a Kohler toilet tank & lid.
Seashells design painted on a Kohler toilet tank & lid.

Here is the Sea Shells Toilet Tank & Lid design painted on a standard white Kohler model, no sand. The shells can be applied to any two-piece toilet tank and lid. You can see some other examples of our hand-painted bathroom toilets in a previous blog post on toilets. We have a few other nautical or beach-themed designs on the website and a few not on there too. We’ve got some lovely ships, fish and dolphins. Contact us for details on those or check out our website for our complete collection of decorated bathroom fixtures made by me, by hand in the USA!!! Thanks for reading.

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