Complete the look of your decorated bathroom with a set of hand-painted ceramic bathroom accessories. All of our hand painted sink designs can be decorated on a selection of ceramic bathroom accessories including soap dispensers, tissue box holders, faucets, towel bars, knobs, etc. If it’s ceramic or porcelain  or vitreous china and white or off-white or beige, we can probably decorate it. You can see on our website all the different stuff we can add our designs to.

Pink, Blue, Yellow & Green Chintz Design Painted Accessory Set

hand painted chintz floral bathroom accessories
Chintz design hand painted bathroom accessories.

This is the Chintz design. It’s one of our more popular florals with big pink roses, yellow buttercups, blue Forget-me-nots and yellow and white roses too. Check out the sink on our website, Chintz hand-painted drop-in bathroom sink.

Cats in the Garden Painted Bathroom Accessories

Cats, flowers and butterflies painted on a ceramic bathroom accessory set.
Cats, flowers and butterflies painted on a ceramic bathroom accessory set.

This is the Cats in the Garden design on a set of decorative, scalloped-edge porcelain bathroom accessories. Four different cats with butterflies and flowers in lots of colors on a soap dish, tumbler, soap dispenser and toothbrush holder. Check out the Cats in the Garden design painted drop-in sink on our website.

Gold Orchids Painted Switch Plate and Bathroom Tumbler

hand painted gold orchid ceramic switch plate and cup
Gold Orchids design painted on ceramic switch plates and tumbler.

The Gold Orchid design is composed of matte and metallic gold orchids and leaves with delicate black edging. Adding a decorated porcelain switch plate is a great way to tie the rest of the design into your decorated bathroom. Check out a previous blog post with the Gold Orchids design on a decorative pedestal sink. Also looks great on a fluted drop-in, check it out on the website.

Floral Scented Garden Painted Towel Bar and Rings

hand painted floral bathroom towel rings and bar
Scented Garden design hand painted bathroom towel rings and bar.

This is the ever popular Scented Garden design on a trio of towel rings and an 18″ towel bar. We have accented these items with hummingbirds and butterflies at the client’s request. We made a huge set of accessories for this customer and a beautiful floral tile mural which can be seen in a previous blog posting we did on the project. Check it out here.

Scented Garden Ceramic Tissue Box Cover

hand painted floral ceramic tissue box cover
Scented Garden design painted tissue box cover.

I got creative when I made this tissue box cover. Usually I stick a bouquet on each side and that’s it but I was feeling inspired when I made this one. I don’t often LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what I make (I love them, and like them) but I was very pleased the way this one turned out. Bouquets of multi-colored flowers applied all over the tissue box cover with some hummingbirds and butterflies for good measure on a white porcelain tissue box cover.

Blue & White Oriental Dragon Porcelain Bathroom Accessories

Hand painted blue and white dragon ceramic bathroom accessories.
Hand painted blue and white dragon ceramic bathroom accessories.

This set included a gorgeous sink and toilet, you can check them out on the website in the Installation Gallery. You can just see a bit of the sink in the shot above. Blue and white Oriental Dragons with a geometric design on the rim looks great on the sink and accessories. We also did a toilet tank for this bathroom and it call all be seen in a previous blog posting here. The sink is not available on the website, we don’t have enough of the dragons left to do one. We could make it a little different, we do have some left. Contact us for details. Email: or call us at 702-897-8131.

All of our sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories are made by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for lasting durability. Please visit our website, to see the complete collection and… THANKS for reading. – Lynne


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  1. […] We could have decorated a wastebasket in the same gold swirling lines. However, we have a limited supply left of the plain wastebaskets. We had this one on the shelf and the swirling lines would not work well with the fluting. It’s nice to have a bit of a change and do some mixing and matching! All of our designs can be applied to many different bathroom accessories, available on our website here. Check out a previous blog post featuring some of our hand painted ceramic and porcelain bathroom accessories. […]

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    Arturs Verdins

    It is possible to buy a bath kit with cats

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      Hi. Check this link,
      second row, left hand column. I make everything myself so I can put them on any kind of accessory. You can see what we have available here.

  3. […] The Cats in the Garden design works really well painted on this fluted basin and takes the decorative aspect of the sink to a new level. The style of the sink also goes great with the style of the vanity with it’s fluted front. The best thing about this sink is the fixture is actually made in Oxnard, California and then I decorate them in Henderson, Nevada. NAFTA friendly, I hope that part lasts. I sell quite a few sinks in Canada. It also looks great on any of our accessories, featured in a previous post here. […]

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