blue powder room with swirling lines hand painted sink

This is a modern dark blue powder room with the Gold Swirling Lines design painted on the sink, toilet and matching accessories. The sink and toilet were custom decorated by hand in the USA by me and are available at This design can be adapted to virtually and sink or toilet.

Navy Blue Powder Room & Swirling Lines Painted Sink

blue powder room with swirling lines hand painted sink
Navy blue powder room with the Gold Swirling Lines design painted on the sink.

The blue paint on the walls is a custom mixed color, where we tried to pick up the blue-gray in the floor and still keep the walls a nice shade of navy blue. Of course, it looks like about 20 different shades depending on the time of day, which lights are on etc., but it works pretty well in all situations. You can never go wrong with navy, I think.

Detail of Gold Lines Painted Pedestal Sink

custom gold lines painted pedestal sink in blue powder room
Close up of the bowl of the pedestal sink showing the Gold Lines converging on the sink drain.

This is a close up of the bowl showing the gold swirling lines converging in the drain area. It’s an American Standard pedestal lavatory with clean, contemporary lines which work great with the gold design. Check it out on the website.

Gold Swirling Lines Decorated on the Toilet Tank

Gold Swirling Lines painted toilet in blue bathroom.
Gold Swirling Lines painted toilet in blue bathroom.

We also decorated the tank and bowl of the toilet. I wish I had of carried the gold lines up to the top of the bowl, but it’s a small powder room and you really can’t see the front of the bowl. Available on our website, Gold Swirling Lines Toilet. I am planning on decorating the toilet seat, just haven’t got around to it yet. I’ll be doing it with gold mylar tape, in the same width as the gold lines painted on the toilet. The gold lines we use are specially made ceramic decals. After we apply them to the fixture they are kiln-fired to a temperature of about 1500 farenheit which permanently fuses them with the glaze.

Matching Gold Swirling Lines Bathroom Accessories

Gold Swirling Lines ceramic bathroom accessories.
Gold Swirling Lines matching accessories.

A matching towel bar and toilet roll holder were also decorated with the gold swirling lines to tie them in with the rest of the porcelain in the bathroom. I like them and they match better than anything else we could find.

Ceramic Wastebasket Painted With Silver Loops Design

Decorated ceramic waste basket with a silver loop design.
Decorated ceramic waste basket with a silver loop design.

We could have decorated a wastebasket in the same gold swirling lines. However, we have a limited supply left of the plain wastebaskets. We had this one on the shelf and the swirling lines would not work well with the fluting. It’s nice to have a bit of a change and do some mixing and matching! All of our designs can be applied to many different bathroom accessories, available on our website here. Check out a previous blog post featuring some of our hand painted ceramic and porcelain bathroom accessories.

Front view of the sink in blue bathroom and matching white mirror
Front view of the sink in blue bathroom and matching white mirror.

The white-frame mirror came from the Home Consignment store in Henderson, NV. It was not expensive, but ‘kind of’ considering it came from a consignment store!

Contemporary and unique bathroom light fixture.
Contemporary and unique bathroom light fixture.

The light fixture was purchased on the Houzz marketplace. Check it out if you are looking for great stuff for your home. We sell our sinks on there. Back to the light fixture, I especially love it because it’s simple, unique, matches the lines in the bathroom and was only $35 and it doesn’t even look that cheap. Sorry about the photo.

The sink, toilet and matching bathroom accessories can be purchased on our website, Please check out our complete collection of decorated and hand-painted sinks there too and thanks for reading!

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