This blog post is all about the Gold Swirling Lines Sink and Toilet. I sell many of these on, and lots on the website too. I’m not sure why it’s so popular, but it must have something to do with the unique gold design that swirls up and down the pedestal lavatory. This is one of the painted sinks available at, where there is a big selection of hand-decorated sinks and bathroom fixtures, all made with love and care in the USA, at reasonable prices. I make everything myself. All of the fixtures available from the Decorated Bathroom Company are kiln-fired so the design won’t wear out or fade away. The gold does require a bit of special care, never anything abrasive, otherwise just some dish soap and an old towel produce excellent results.

Gold Swirling Lines Pedestal Sink Bowl

Unique and elegant gold swirling lines painted on the bowl and leg of an American Standard Pedestal sink.

The sink I make this on is the American Standard Evolution. I apply the gold lines one by one, usually every other one, then end up scraping off as few as possible to get the angles and curves just right. The gold lines are made from real metallic gold, which is silk-screened by the great SDI Custom Decal in Hawley, PA. A colleague told me about them 15 years ago and they has been printing decals for me ever since. Personal service and they will do a small job, which is essential for me.

Sometimes customers want custom designs and I make the artwork on the computer in Illustrator, (my other career is a graphic designer), then send it to her for printing. About a week later, voila, the design has arrived. It’s more durable and way, way neater to do it this way than hand-paint the design on there. Most of what is ‘hand-painted’, certainly in the bathroom sink field is done with these ceramic decals. It’s more durable. With actual china paint you have to do lots of light coats, with multiple firings. Kohler ‘hand-painted’ sinks are done exactly the same way.

So, it’s a modern/contemporary-styled pedestal sink that has a single-hole faucet drilling. During COVID the supplier didn’t have any of the other faucet drillings in stock. I always prefer the narrowest drilling possible for a pedestal sink, otherwise there isn’t enough room up there to put a soap dispenser. I think the single faucet also fits the style of the design better, more modern. Now, there is loads of room for a soap dispenser and whatever else on the back ledge of the pedestal sink.

Gold Swirling Lines Painted Pedestal Lavatory

American Standard pedestal powder room sink painted with design of gold swirling ines. Decorated by hand in the USA by Decorated Bathroom Company.

Here is the full view of the Gold Swirling Lines sink I make. The swirls go up the leg of the pedestal and curve around the inside of the bowl. It does take a fair amount of time to get the sink finished up but I’ve made enough of them now to have it down to a system. I have a pattern that fits on the sink and then mark the lines on it. I went to shoemaker’s school in the UK in 2000, one thing I took away from that was how to make patterns for 3-dimensional shapes. Lots of masking tape. You can buy the sink on the website here, decorated

Gold Swirling Lines Toilet Tank & Bowl

Kohler Toilet painted with design of Gold Swirling Lines. Made in the USA by Decorated Bathroom Company with love and care. Matches the Gold Swirling Lines Painted Sink.

The Kohler toilet I have used many times for this and other designs, a really nice two-piece that looked like a one piece, modern and clean lines, the Kohler Persuade. I hope after COVID it comes back in stock. In the meantime the customer I just made this toilet for chose a Kohler Cimmaron. It looks pretty good and I even decorated the bowl for her too. My kiln is just about 1/2″ too small to fit elongated toilets so I can only do them on round-front toilets, but at least they are comfort-height these days. The round bowl works better with the design on the toilet bowl, if it was elongated the curves of the lines wouldn’t look as good. I put them all on there by hand, as I said before, then put them in the kiln and fire to about 1500 degrees F. This permanently fuses the design with the surface of the fixture. It won’t wear out or fade-away with proper care, which is nothing abrasive. A bit of mild soap, like dish-soap and a soft cloth are all that is required to keep them looking brand new forever.

Modern Bathroom Design Powder Room with Gold Swirling Lines Sink

Front view of the sink in blue bathroom and matching white mirror
Front view of the sink in blue bathroom and matching white mirror.

I originally made this sink and toilet for my own powder room. You can check that in a previous blog post here, and since then I’ve done my friend’s bathroom and several other’s too. I’ve tweaked it over the years and perfected it a little more. Who knew, what I like is usually too weird for the general population. It was a small powder room with no window that I painted a drak gray-blue shade that took me about 15 tries to achieve total perfection, but I did.

I sold that house in Las Vegas last year and moved to Daytona Beach Florida, and Canada in the fair weather. Somehow that bathroom wouldn’t fit in in Florida. My new bathroom has a sliding glass door to a secret garden patio. It’s quite small, a triangle shape about 10 x 10 but just enough to have a cool garden. I think it’s going to be good for orchids because it doesn’t get too much extreme light. I saw that and wanted the place even more. Out the back we have a closed-down golf course. It’s private and there are deers out there frequently. I can’t express in words how much I love that, and to see all the green and growth, and birds!!!!!!!! here in Florida. In Vegas is was just brown dirt, scrub, desert and concrete block walls. So little green there. I lived in Florida previously, further south. It’s pretty good in Daytona and gets a lot colder in the winter, which, being Canadian, I like. Back to the sinks…

Gold Swirling Lines Painted Pedestal Sink with Modern Bathroom Design

gold lines painted on pedestal sink
Up close view of the sink showing the lines swirling to the drain.

This is a friend’s bathroom. She saw my sink and wanted one for herself too. Her review quote was “it makes me feel like a movie star every time I walk in there”. So her! We did the toilet as well on a Kohler Highline. She didn’t replace the bowl, we just replaced the tank, which was a more budget-friendly option.

Modern Bathroom Design with Gold Swirling Lines Painted Sink & Toilet

What a great powder room design showing off the painted sink and toilet.

Here’s the toilet, with a matching toilet paper holder. The lighting in here is what gives this modern bathroom design such a special atmosphere. Nothing like a good old lamp.

Sorry to go on and on but too many short blog posts probably isn’t good for SEO which is honestly the only reason I do all the work. I don’t enjoy it. I tried to do a mega session and get 10 posts done in a week, but I only have a few days right now, I’m shooting for five. Thank you so much if you read this and please check out all the beautiful sinks I make at – Lynne

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