flower vessel sink painted with Chintz Roses in Powder Room

Question? How do you decorate a bathroom and add something unique without spending a fortune? Add one of our painted and decorated sinks. They come in a wide variety of styles and patterns to match any bathroom, powder room or guest bath. This blog post features some of our flowered painted sinks installed in their forever homes, Decorated Bathroom’s customer’s bathrooms. If you would like to do that too, please check out the complete collection of Flower Sinks on the website.

Bird of Paradise Drop-in Master Bathroom Sinks

Master Bathroom with a southwestern theme and a pair of Bird of Paradise painted flowers on a drop-in sink. Hand made in the USA by Decorated Bathroom Company.

Here is a pair of the Bird of Paradise decorated sinks I made for a southwestern style bathroom, in British Columbia Canada, of all places. I guess on those cold rainy days, it would be nice to go somewhere warmer. The bathroom is decorated in earth-tones with some cactus accents, contemporary faucets and a simple tile backsplash. That’s an economical choice and it works really well in this master bathroom. The colors she chose really bring out the colors of the flowers in the Bird of Paradise design.

Bird of Paradise Flowers Painted Drop-in Sink

Bird of Paradise painted flowers on a drop-in sink for powder room. Hand made in the USA by Decorated Bathroom Company.

Here is another version of the Bird of Paradise painted sink. This is another really great sink for decoration. It’s a bit smaller, about 17 x 15″ and has a nice big rolled rim which highlights the flowers on the Bird of Paradise Painted sink. This one is on a biscuit fixture, which looks great, but also fresh and clean on a white sink.

She Shed with Chintz Roses Vessel Sink

Flower shape vessel sink painted with a deisgn of pink, yellow and white roses. Hand made in the USA by Decorated Bathroom Company.

An interior designer did this one. It’s one fancy she-shed powder room with the Chintz Roses design on painted on a flower-shape vessel sink. The bathroom is accented with contemporary paneled walls, and old table for a vanity, and modern faucets. This is the perfect example of ‘you don’t have to have a victorian ‘old-lady’ bathroom’ when you add one of our flowered sinks. Several of the sinks in this post fit that category. They really do seem to pair nicely with contemporary bathrooms.

Chintz Roses Painted Flower-Shaped Vessel Sink

Flower shape vessel sink painted with a deisgn of pink, yellow and white roses. Hand made in the USA by Decorated Bathroom Company.

This is I a very pretty flower-shaped vessel sink about 21″ in diameter, which is quite a large sink. You can’t see it here, but the design trails down the outside of the basin as well. This is the Chintz design, and I have done lots of other variations on it. Fortunately I have tons of the flowers available because I invested $750 about 12 years ago and had a new run printed especially for Decorated Bathroom, thankfully. Before everything started getting printed in China and ugly, which have improved somewhat since then. The sinks shown here are not actually hand-painted, they are ceramic decals, the same stuff that Kohler uses on their hand-painted sinks, and the same technique that is used on kitchen and dining room china, plates and mugs. It is then kiln-fired and won’t wear off or fade away. I apply everything by hand with lots of love and care. This sink probably took me 15 hours to make. Ouch.

Powder Room with Painted Flowers and Hummingbirds Drop-in Sink

Bathroom featuring Hand painted Kohler sink with roses, hummingbirds, butterflies, and many other flowers. Hand made in the USA by Decorated Bathroom Company.

This is the drop-in person of the Scented Garden and Hummingbird sink. This customer chose to install their sink with some traditional faucets and what looks like a pretty standard vanity. I see they didn’t blow the bank and still created a beautiful and unique bathroom for themselves and their guests. Lots of my customers choose a plain counter for their sinks, it reduces the competition for your eyes, and can contribute to the WOW factor. I have done tons of different items with this design, check out these previous blog posts for more bathroom design and decoration ideas. Scented Garden Pedestal Lavatory, Scented Garden Powder Room.

Scented Garden Flowers and Hummingbirds Painted Kohler Sink

Hand painted Kohler sink with roses, hummingbirds, butterflies, and many other flowers. Hand made in the USA by Decorated Bathroom Company.

This is not the very same sink that is shown in the previous photo. See if you can spot the difference. In addition, I don’t make all the sinks the same, too boring and too hard.

Equally important is that lots of Decorated Bathroom customers want to stick with a standard drop-in sink in their bathroom. The Kohler Pennington this version of the Scented Garden drop-in sink design is painted on is a versatile drop in bathroom sink. It’s about 21-1/2″ from side to side and has a good wide rim. Perfect for showing off the decoration on the sink. Likewise great for a bathroom on a budget.

One of the great features of this sink is that it is just a bit larger than a standard ‘builder’s drop-in’ sink that are so prevalent in many homes that have been built in the last 40 years. The advantage is that you can remove the old sink and this Kohler sink usually fits in the hole and covers over any mess on the counter. I did it in my old house in Vegas, in two bathrooms, it worked perfectly. Of course I put decoration on the sinks. The person who bought the house specifically mentioned that they loved the sinks.

Beach Theme Bathroom with Sea Shells Sink & Matching Tiles

Seashells and sand design painted on a white Kohler drop-in bathroom sink with matching tiles in a beach theme bathroom. Made in the USA by Decorated Bathroom Company.

I make these version of the Colorful Seashells decorated sinks on the Kohler Pennington, my go-to drop-in bathroom sink. After the shells are applied and the sink is fired, I paint in the bed of faux sand that you can see in the bottom of the bowl, and fire it again. Likewise, I made matching tiles for this customer using the same process. It is an inexpensive custom touch for a bathroom to give it that seaside feel. Secondly, Beach Bathrooms are very popular so it’s a popular design on the website, Seashells Drop-in Decorated Sink.

Seashells & Sand Decorated Sinks for Bathroom

Beautiful and colorful seashells and starfish painted on a white Kohler bathroom sink. Perfect for a beach bathroom.

It’s the Kohler Pennington drop-in bathroom sink I painted with the design of Colorful Sea Shells, Starfish, coral and sand. Hand decorated in the USA by me, Decorated Bathroom Company. I’m it! I write blog posts, do social media, which I do not enjoy, redid my website recently, administer everything and most importantly decorate sinks and toilets, tiles and accessories for the happy customers of Decorated Bathroom. Please check out the whole collection of sinks I have created on the website. Decoratedbathroom.com.

She-Shed Bathroom with Victorian Garden Decorated Sink

Flower shape vessel sink painted with lots of flowers and a few butterflies. Installed in a She-Shed powder room. Hand made in the USA by Decorated Bathroom Company.

What a great job this designer did on the bathroom. I can’t remember if it was a professional interior designer or the customer has such good taste it was them, whatever the case, the bathroom turned out great. Firstly, there is the batten board paneling and a white marble countertop on an antique washstand. Secondly, and most importantly, the crowning glory, the decorated sink I made for the bathroom. It’s the Victorian Garden design, installed backwards but it still looks great, I never mentioned it when I saw the photos. Thirdly, I take great care to decorate the front of the sink so it looks really beautiful, I do also do the back as well so I guess it must work for them. I’m just grateful they sent me these excellent photos, it really shows off the decorated sink.

Front View of the Victorian Garden Painted Vessel Sink

Front view of the flowers painted on the victorian garden vessel basin.

As you can see in the photo above, the front of the sink is really pretty, it took me a long time to make it look that good, too bad it’s not there for everybody to see. I hope someday somebody will turn it around. Check out the Victorian Garden Vessel Decorated Sinks.

I think that’s enough for this blog post. You can find lots of great decorated bathroom design ideas here on this blog, choose a sink and toilet on the website, decoratedbathroom.com, and create the bathroom of your dreams. With my help. Thank you for reading. – Lynne

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