Powder rooms with hand painted bathroom sinks

I finally created an Installation Gallery on the Decorated Bathroom Website, after many years of thinking I should. So this post features several bathroom design ideas featuring our decorated sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories available for sale on the website, decorated bathroom.com.

Bathroom Design Ideas #1

bathroom design ideas with decorated sinks

Some of the highlights in the bathrooms above, top left is the Victorian Garden design painted on a pretty flower-shaped vessel sink in an elegant she-shed, near Seattle. Below that is a custom version of the Heirloom Roses design on a beast of a Victorian-style sink, which I decorated all over with the pink and white roses. Next, to the right, in the big photo is the same Heirloom Roses design painted on a Victorian pedestal lavatory. Highlight about that shot is it’s a very popular pin on Pinterest.

On the bottom row is the Cats in the Garden design, painted on a white fluted drop-in bathroom basin. In addition to the Cats sink, it’s installed in an antique dresser come vanity with a gorgeous antique wood mirror on top. To the right is another very popular bathroom pin on Pinterest, its the Cherubs design painted on a biscuit fluted drop-in bathroom sink in a romantic bathroom. Great bathroom design idea and inspires customers to create their own romantic bathroom.

Next is the one of the many versions Scented Garden design, this time with no hummingbirds. I made this customer a pair of these for her light-filled master bathroom. Nice husband. Lastly, on the bottom right is the Butterflies, Fruit and Flowers design painted undermount bathroom sink. This is another design that is surprisingly popular. It is full of beautiful colors.

Bathroom Design Ideas #2

Powder rooms with hand painted bathroom sinks

These are three bathrooms that ring true in my heart because I either enjoyed working with the customer so much or their photos are so good. The top left picture is of the Bird of Paradise sink in a southwestern style bathroom in Vancouver BC, Canada. Incidentally, I am from Canada too, but from the other side, Ontario but I always put in a little extra effort for Canadians, they are always so polite!

The bottom left photo is of a Scented Garden Bathroom to be featured one day soon in a blog post. I created several murals, accent tiles, sink, toilet and accessories, all covered with flowers, hummingbirds and butterflies. She was just the nicest lady and saved up all the money beforehand to completely renovate it into the bathroom of her dreams. I don’t even have the murals listed on the website decorated bathroom.com but people see them here on the blog and make a special request. I don’t mind doing them, ok sometimes I like doing them. It’s a change from a sink and toilet.

Check out these previous posts on some of the other scented garden tile murals for bathroom design ideas. Scented Garden Bathroom Design Idea #1, Scented Garden Bathroom Design Idea #2.

Finally, the large photo on the right. This sink was from the sink sale, a sample design of the Rococo Flowers design painted on a contemporary round vessel basin. What I love about this bathroom is how great it looks and the sink was definitely purchased on a budget. This customer liked it so much she bought another one from the Sink Sale. I still have some left. Check it out on the decoratedbathroom website.

Bathroom Design Ideas #3

bathroom sinks painted with designs for decor

The top left sink is the Scented Garden design, again but this time painted with two hummingbirds and extra butterflies. These were more nice customers, also from BC Canada. They sent me my favorite customer photo ever which was a photo of the lady holding the sink in her arms with a big smile. One of the best things about this business is that customers really do love the sinks and toilets I make for them.

Top right, Seashells drop-in painted sink with matching accent tiles, uniquely suited for a beach theme or seaside bathroom. Below that is the same Cherubs romantic bathroom in the previous photo, this time you can see the gorgeous distressed vanity and old ruined style tiles on the wall. I think she did a really good job. Another interior designer even if she isn’t a professional.

Below that, on the bottom left is the Big Fancy Border design painted in platinum on a drop-in sink which is no longer available. Unfortunately, but they had so many problems with quality coming out of the factory in California, it’s almost a relief not to be using them anymore. Although it was great to be using sinks made in the USA. Some of the sinks I use now are at least from the United Arab Emirates and not China. They are heavier and sturdier.

Bottom middle photo is the Fancy Emblem design painted on a square white D’Vontz vessel sink in platinum. Also available in gold. I can put this on lots of different sinks. It’s a subtle touch to make your modern bathroom design idea special.

Bottom right is the Small Fancy Gold Border undermount vanity sink. (I like the word Fancy and can’t think of a better one, if you can, please post it in the comments below, thanks). This bathroom design idea is traditional and elegant but the turquoise wall is what really makes it special.

Bathroom Design Ideas #4

sinks in bathrooms painted with roses and gold borders

Here’s the last set of bathroom design ideas in the post. The top left two photos are the same very elegant and fancy powder room with a separate toilet room with the fixtures painted in the Scented Garden design sink & toilet. I would absolutely love that. The toilet is a Kohler Devonshire, and the sink a Kohler Pennington. The customers has spared no expense and created a bathroom that is traditional, elegant and stately. Nice job.

Top right is another Canadian customer, this one down on the east coast. She let me know how much she loved her sink and made a special request for me to sign it, which I did. The Heirloom Roses is again painted on a Kohler Pennington, this one in biscuit. The sink is installed in an old-style bathroom with a matching soap dispenser. Check out the complete accessories collection on the website, all decorated to match our decorated bathroom fixtures.

Bottom left, the ever popular Blue Roses design. This is a traditional style painted sink in a slightly contemporary blue and white bathroom. Further, it looks great with the navy blue wall and white counter, and Wedgewood cup. I love that touch. Check out the Blue Roses Fluted Drop-in design painted sink at Decorated Bathroom!

To the right is a Butterflies & Flowers Vessel sink from the sink sale. Another lucky customer who got a unique bathroom sink on a budget. It’s a great looking powder room with elegant accents.

What, another Canadian customer. The bottom right photo is the Eden Roses design. A pair of them is installed in a custom bathroom with granite counter and turquoise walls, which you can’t see in this photo. The sinks are a pair, but each one has a different hummingbird for that custom touch.

These are just some of the great bathroom ideas from the creative customers of Decorated Bathroom Company. Check out the Installation Gallery on the website for more bathroom decor inspiration, and thanks for reading. – Lynne

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