platinum border sink in marble counter

This post features some of the platinum border painted sink designs available on decorated, where I have created a collection of decorated and painted bathroom sinks for every taste and bathroom renovation style.

The first one is the Big Fancy Border design painted on a Bates & Bates Suzanne porcelain drop-in bathroom sink. The fixture is made in Oxnard California, by Bates & Bates and decorated in Henderson, Nevada by me, Decorated Bathroom. Lucky customers who bought the sink and posted reviews on our website said…

Lisa E said “I absolutely love my platinum big fancy border sink. It is truly a work of art and superb quality”

J Cella said “I love my sink. I got the platinum version and it’s absolutely beautiful. Looks just the same as the day we installed it.”

Both gave it a 5-star rating and it really deserves it, it’s one of our best painted sinks and just one of the many gold and silver or platinum border designs we sell on our website,

Platinum Ornate Border Decorated Sink

One of the reasons I love this border on the sink is that it’s on the rim, right up there where everybody can see it. It also looks great on the undermount too, where you can only see it when you get up close, check it out on the website, Big Fancy Border Undermount, always looks great in gold or platinum. An interior designer who ordered a pair of them recently, said:

“Ordered two of these for a client’s master bathroom. Not only were they gorgeous, but the customer service was phenomenal.”

That customer service she is referring to is me, I am every department here at decorated bathroom, including blog writer. One of those lucky customers mentioned above, sent me a few photos of her bathroom and graciously allowed me to use them in this blog post.

Big Fancy Border Sink in Platinum Bathroom

bathroom with silver ornate border painted sink
Elegant bathroom with silver foil-finish cabinets, expensive faucets and a beautiful sink painted with an ornate border in platinum.

This is an elegant bathroom with silver foil-finish cabinets, expensive faucets and our beautiful sink painted with an ornate border in platinum. I could go on an on about this bathroom renovation, great attention to detail. Everything looks awesome together and all ties in to make a bathroom anybody would be proud to call their own. Obviously cost wasn’t a big issue for this renovation. I think it was in Florida. I sell a lot of sinks in Florida, they are some of my best customers!!

Fancy Border Sink in White Marble Counter

platinum border sink in marble counter
Top view of the Big Fancy Border sink in marble counter

Pretty nice looking photo of the sink installed in a carrera marble counter which matches the sink great. The faucets are also very nice, I like the frosted quartz accents on them. This whole bathroom is done in gray, silver, platinum and white.

Contemporary Bathroom with Silver Border Painted Sink

Modern bathroom featuring platinum border sink
White marble bathroom featuring the Chain Maille Border on the sink.

This really is a great shot of the marble counter in the bathroom featuring our painted platinum border bathroom sink. Made by me, Lynne Sands, all by myself, here in horrible Henderson, NV. It is pretty nice in the winter, if I hadn’t already been here in Rock land for the last 15 years, it would be a great place to retire. But, I won’t be retiring so no need to worry about that. I would like to see some flowers, green trees, rivers, lakes, even snow and of course rain, something you come to love when you live in the desert. Being that one person business, I wrote this blog post a few years ago and never published it. I am now sitting in lovely green Florida. We also got a church built in 1890 in rural Ontario, Canada where I am from to go to in the summers. COVID prompted the changes, I’m glad I made them. It was hard to leave Vegas but I’m so glad I did it. I do miss my friends and Trader Joes around the corner. Now I’m gone I definitely don’t miss the desert because I never liked it.

Ok back to the sinks. Vegas is good for sink manufacturing, because ceramics like a dry environment but in the summer, I can only run the kilns at night because it gets crazy hot in the garage. Too hot. The kiln cools down faster in Florida and Ontario. That helps.

Chain Maille Border Platinum Painted Under Counter Sink

Here is the actual sink from the website. It’s a standard 17 x 14″ undermount, the most popular size for a bathroom basin, and is installed under the counter. The design is available in gold or platinum, and looks great with any marble or granite, quartz of course and any type of vanity. The gold looks a little more traditional than the platinum. I prefer the silver tones myself, matches the faucets and chrome faucets are much cheaper than gold ones! If you want everything to match in your bathroom, everything else comes in chrome, like toilet flush handles, the gold ones are expensive.

Please check out some of our older blog posts featuring platinum and gold border bathroom sinks. Platinum isn’t just for hair and gold and silver border painted bathroom sinks.

These are only two of the selection of gold and platinum border designs painted sinks we offer for sale on the website, All made by me by hand in the USA. We have lots of sinks with flowers too. Please check them out and thank you for reading. – Lynne

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