eclectic bathroom design with gray tiles, bird mural and roses painted sink

This is a truly unique bathroom featuring the Heirloom White & Pink Roses design painted sink and toilet. It’s got a traditional vanity with Victorian-style sink, a specially-ordered comfort-height toilet that the customer found. Blue/gray subway tiles, pink hexagonal-tile floor and a pink toilet seat all call attention to the creativity. It’s a custom bathroom featuring decorated bathroom fixtures made by Decorated Bathroom Company. Please check out the complete collection on our website.

Eclectic Bathroom with Pink Roses Painted Sink & Toilet

Pink tile floors, gray tile walls, beautiful gold mirror and gorgeous victorian style sink painted with pink roses and a toilet to match. Unique bathroom design idea.

It’s a beautiful Victorian-style sink with ample space on the ledges for a soap dispenser or soap dish. Unfortunately, the sink is a beast and I won’t be decorating anymore fixtures that big. She had to order 3 before we got one that didn’t have any cracks in it. In my experience, when a ceramic sink is too big and too heavy to make it all the way from China and shipping by Fedex or UPS, it’s almost always cracked.

Of course, I check everything over very carefully but most cracks aren’t visible until some dirt gets in there. I have a special technique I have developed which is to rub sharpie on the sink then spray alcohol on it. The sharpie gets into the cracks and they show up nice and clear, always to my disappointment. My advice, stick with a smaller sink!!!

How to check a bathroom sink for cracks

How to check if a bathroom sink is cracked

You may love it or hate it, but you can’t deny the exquisite attention to detail in this lovely gray/blue and pink Heirloom Roses bathroom. The customer spared no expense and to me it’s a highly elevated design sense. Only some of us appreciate the truly unique. The most important thing about bathroom design in my opinion is that the person who’s bathroom it is like is. What else matters!!!

Victorian Style Painted Sink with Pink & White Roses

Victorian style porcelain bathroom sink painted with pink and white roses
Top view of the Heirloom Pink Roses design painted on a large traditional victorian style bathroom sink. Custom decorated in the USA by Decorated Bathroom Company.

Here’s the top view of the sink showing the vanity and cool branch mirror. I do lots of other designs in the Heirloom Roses designs (on smaller sinks). You can see them on the website. Heirloom Roses Fluted Drop-in, Heirloom Roses & Hummingbirds Fluted Drop-in, Heirloom Roses Drop-in. I haven’t made a mural yet in this design but I could, if you are interested.

Front of Heirloom Roses Painted Victorian Bathroom Sink

Front view of the Heirloom Pink Roses design painted on a large traditional victorian style bathroom sink. Custom decorated in the USA by Decorated Bathroom Company.

This is the front view of the sink in a basic traditional style vanity. You can just see a bit of the gorgeous bird tile mural in the background. Read on to see more of that.

Painted Heirloom Roses Bathroom Toilet

Heirloom Roses design in pink and white painted on a custom comfort-height toilet. Bathroom design idea with Roses done in the USA by Decorated Bathroom Company.

The customer sourced this toilet herself, it’s from She found a great selection of toilets with a comfortable height. Check them out. It is a beautiful toilet to decorate and has a small tank which uses less water, and is always less complicated for me!! Less flowers.

Top View of Roses Bathroom Painted Toilet

Pink and white Heirloom Roses design painted on a comfort-height toilet. Custom decorated in the USA by Decorated Bathroom Company.

I always make sure I decorate the top of the toilet and well as the front. This creates the total effect. Especially for the men, I just know they love going in the flowered fixtures. Sometimes I think what nice husbands my customers must have to agree to all those flowers in the bathroom.

Pink Roses Bathroom with Tile Mural

Eclectic bathroom design idea with gray tile walls, bird tile mural and pink geraldine roses painted victorian sink and toilet. Made in the USA by Decorated Bathroom Company.

Here’s a good shot of the beautiful Tile Mural. It is framed it with those decorative white tiles, it looks properly finished and really good. The Heirloom Roses is just one of the many designs we have on the website, with roses. Please check them all out here and as always, if you made it this far, thank you very much for reading. Please also check out a previous blog post featuring the Heirloom Pink Roses design. – Lynne

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