gold brick border painted sink

Gold, Silver & Platinum borders are a great choice when painted on a bathroom sink to add elegance and style to your bathroom renovation.

We have several styles available and most can be applied to an undermount or vanity basin, as well as a vessel or drop-in sink. They coordinate with practically any counter, marble, quartz or granite and almost any bathroom style from uber modern to traditional. All of our sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories are made by hand in the USA and many of the sinks we use are also made in the USA by Bates and Bates, in the USA, they are of the finest quality.

Rope Border in Gold Painted Under Mount Basin

metallic gold rope border hand painted porcelain bath sink
Metallic Gold Rope border design painted on a 17 x 14″ undermount sink.

This is a standard rope border design and is made from real metallic gold or platinum. The Rope Border design comes in two sizes, thin, as above and a wider version, about 3/4″ in diameter for those that prefer a little more design on the basin. This design can be applied to any shape of basin or lavatory and even a pedestal sink or around the rim if a toilet tank lid.

Small Squares Border Painted Vanity Sink

greek key design hand painted porcelain bath basin
Big Greek Key style design in gold painted on a 17 x 14″ under mount lavatory.

This is a modern version of the ancient Greek Key design. It’s painted on the sink in gold or platinum and looks great on any color, white, biscuit or black. It’s a series of concentric squares, the largest about 1-1/4″ in diameter. Works great on any washbasin in any bathroom. I’ve sold lots of these sinks, it’s a versatile design and can be adapted to any bathroom design.

Chain Maille Border Design Painted Vanity Basin

platinum geometric chain maille border design painted powder room basin
Platinum Chain Maille Border design painted on a white under mount. Also available in gold.

This design looks kind of like chainmail. It’s composed of tiny rounded ‘L’s and when put together it looks almost like a piece of actual chainmail. You can get a closer look at the design on my website here, there is a detail shot.  This edition is in platinum but it looks fabulous in gold too! It was featured in a  previous post with some bathroom styles it would work well in.

Platinum or Gold Brick Border Painted Sink

silver brick border geometric design hand painted lavatory
Brick Border design in platinum painted on a 17 x 14″ center drain undermont vanity basin.

This is a Stylized brick border design in real metallic gold or silver. It’s easily coordinated with any bathroom decor, vanity style or countertop material. The Brick Border design can be adapted to almost any shape of basin or lavatory and also fits well on a toilet tank or lid. This is a previous post featuring the Brick Border decorated sink and some beautiful bathrooms, powder rooms, guest bathrooms and master bathrooms from it would look great in.

These are just a few of the border design hand painted sinks we have available on our website. Check out the rest of them at Thanks for reading. – Lynne

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