gold lines painted on pedestal sink

This is a beautiful slightly jungle-theme bathroom with our Gold Swirling Lines Pedestal Sink, Toilet, and ceramic toilet paper holder painted to match. It’s a good size powder room and the dark leopard print wallpaper and jungle accessories create a really inviting atmosphere when you go in there, it envelopes you. The sink and toilet and just some of the painted and decorated sink designs I sell on my website,, where you will find an extensive collection of painted sinks including designs from traditional florals, to more contemporary selections, like this sink and toilet.

Jungle Bathroom with Gold Swirling Lines Painted Sink & Toilet

What a great powder room design showing off the painted sink and toilet.

The wallpaper is a bit textural, so the leopard print almost has the feeling of fabric on the walls. The tiles were already in the house, they blend right in and tie in the baseboard to the floor. The lady who owns this house is an artist, so it’s only natural that she would have a lot of art up on the walls. We traded a painting for the sink, shown below. You can check out her art at She teaches art classes (sorry to go on and on, but I’m trying to get the word count up on this blog post), so this powder room gets a lot of use, and I hope is enjoyed by many. The design is just a series of Gold Lines, in a kind of. swirling pattern, getting further apart and closer together along with the flow of the lines.

Gold Swirling Lines Toilet in Leopard Bathroom

Toilet painted with gold
Close-up of the toilet showing some jungle accessories

This is a very basic Kohler toilet, the Wellworth. The customer already had a plain white toilet, so I was able to order just the tank of the same model, and it was a simple hook-up to install it. It was essential to use the same toilet tank, because the wallpaper didn’t go all the way behind it. I normally use a dual-flush very modern Kohler toilet for this design, you can check it out on the website here, Gold Swirling Lines painted on Kohler Persuade toilet. However, it works really great on this model too, and it’s very inexpensive. It was approximately $130 for the tank.

Gold Lines Pedestal Sink Bowl

gold lines painted on pedestal sink
Up close view of the sink showing the lines swirling to the drain.

The sink I use for this design is an American Standard Supreme pedestal sink. It’s got great, simple lines and an ample size bowl. It’s contemporary and has a nice shape and size. I would describe it as a mid-size pedestal sink, the top is about 21″ wide. You can really get an idea of the lines in this photo. I’m always grateful when a customer has the right accessories in the shot. It’s a nice antique mirror, and as you can see, there wasn’t an inch to spare. It was there before we added the new sink and toilet, we replaced the builder sink that came with the house. It’s located in a nice neighborhood, Seven Hills, in Henderson, Nevada. Where I live too, and I’m writing this during the Coronavirus outbreak, and would like to leave and go back to Canada. I had big plans for the summer and beyond. Now it’s all one big question mark.

Gold Lines Painted Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

ceramic toilet paper with gold lines
Ceramic Toilet Paper holder painted to match the sink and toilet.

I also made this customer the toilet paper holder. Her significant other contacted me to get it for her birthday. I was only too happy to make it for them, and I really think it helps to tie all the elements of the bathroom together, mostly the sink and toilet! These toilet paper holder is ceramic, and part of the ‘Classic’ collection which also includes towel bars and I get them from Plum Street Pottery. Not too much stuff like this around these days, I’ve always got my eye out for ceramic wastebaskets. It’s just one of the many ceramic bathroom accessories we can decorate to match your fixtures, check out the “Decorated Accessories Gallery” on our site.

One of the best things about this powder room is, it’s my friend’s and we I traded artwork for artwork. I made her the sink and toilet, and she gave me these two beautiful paintings. Her name is Sharon Menary (click to check out her site) and she is an extremely talented artist located in Henderson, Nevada. She’s Canadian, like I am, a cancer, like I am, and loves dogs, like I do, and an artist, like I am. How could we not be friends??? Oh and she also loves gardening, which I do too but hers puts mine to shame!!!!

Self-Portrait by Sharon Menary

painting by Sharon Menary

Beautiful Watercolor Painting by Sharon

Watercolor painting by Sharon Menary, artist extraordinaire!

I love the colors on this painting and the place it takes me too. I wish I could paint as well as that, she really is talented. Right now I’m kind of on vacation, in isolation in Canada, oh I mean quarantine, eventhough I’m not sick, they only have the Q word here. I’m not even allowed to go for a walk. I brought lots of paints, nothing done so far!!! Maybe next week.

I’m just waiting for my food and dinner deliveries, at least where I am ‘isolating’ is down the road from a small town with restaurants and grocery stores. I tried to get a wine delivery but no luck, I will have to send my godson in the next few days. After Monday it’s one week to go, it’s Saturday right now. I’m all alone, too alone and no tv. Just internet tv, netflix etc. Totally missing the news and stuff. Don’t feel like reading all the books I brought either!!!

Back to the sinks. I did another bathroom featuring the Gold Swirling Lines sink and toilet, you can check it out in a previous blog post here, Blue Powder Room with Painted Sink & Toilet.

This sink is also available on I’ve sold a few of them on there. It’s a bit time-consuming but worth the effort for a unique sink and bathroom. Please check out our complete collection at and check out the Gold Swirling Lines Sink and the Gold Swirling Lines Toilet too! Thanks for reading. – Lynne

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