painted sink in antique dresser

Customers love to install their painted floral sinks in antique dressers that they repurpose as a unique and original vanity. This post features just a few of the photos my fabulous customers have sent to show me how they have their decorated sinks installed. I love to see them, I put a lot of love and effort into the decorated and painted sinks that I make by hand, all by myself, in the USA, and you do have a tendency to get a little attached to them. Most of the time though, I take a few photos, try not to let anything bad happen to them between the kiln and the box, pack them up, very carefully, and ship them out the door to the waiting customer.

Arts & Crafts Dresser with Painted Sink

vintage dresser and mirror with flower painted sink
Beautiful bathroom renovation with an antique wood dresser converted to a vanity and featuring the Scented Garden & Hummingbirds painted sink.

What a beautiful bathroom. I don’t know what I like the most, the fabulous dresser or the Scented Garden sink I made for the lady. Whichever, they are both fab and I really like it when a customer uses their imagination and gets creative. The mirror over it really ties everything together and the batten-board panelling on the walls helps to create that old-time atmosphere in the bathroom.

Floral Sink with Hummingbird in Vintage Dresser

Flower and hummingbird sink in antique dresser

This is a close up of the sink. You can see some of the flowers, including tulips, roses, poppies, a ladybug, yellow butterfly (on the right) and a lovely gray hummingbird with a red-tinted throat. It’s complemented with the antique brass faucets which go well with the style of the dresser and match the knobs. Well-done to this lucky customer. I hope she still loves her sink.

She Shed with Chintz Pink Roses Vessel Sink

She shed bathroom with beautiful pink and yellow roses painted sink
Front view of the sink on the antique table vanity.

Here’s another great use of a non-standard vanity, this one is just a gorgeous antique table in a super-nice she-shed powder room. It’s a custom version of the Chintz design, but it turned out so nice I added it to the website. Chintz Vessel sink, only $1598, I’m sorry about the price but it takes forever to make, not to mention the fact that I have to order at least 6 of those flower vessel sinks to get a good one. Once I get a good one, it’s good, it’s not that they are a sub-standard sink. It’s the shipping and handling on the way here from China, the get little tiny cracks around the rim. Such a PIA!!!!!! Also the sink is installed backwards, what is at the front here was supposed to be beside the wall. It looks even prettier like that. Buy yours on the website today for your next powder room. It’s gorgeous!

Floral Sink in Bow-Front Dresser

painted sink in antique dresser
Bow-front antique dresser with marble counter and the Scented Garden floral painted sink

This is just a partially done bathroom but as you can see from the beautiful bow-front dresser with marble top that it’s going to be pretty awesome. This customer must have really good taste, that is… taste I like, and I love this dresser. Often the dressers aren’t very deep and it can get tight with the faucets, but this bow front really adds a lot of space on the counter and there is loads of room for the sink, and the faucets. They have chosen a nice faucet, I like the height on it, it goes well with the dresser and overall style of the bathroom.

Floral & Hummingbird Sink with White Marble Counter

Hand Painted Sink featuring Hummingbirds, roses, butterflies and a ladybug.

This is a close-up of the installation so you can get a good look at the sink!!! I make them all by hand in the USA. They are kiln-fired for lasting beauty and the design won’t wear out or fade-away with proper care, which is nothing abrasive. This design, in particular, is extra durable because there is a lot of image in the design. It’s one of our most popular and I have put it on everything, even a lamp. Please check out these previous blog posts which feature some of the other Scented Garden items: Scented Garden Bathroom with Tiles & Mural, Scented Garden Flower Shower, Scented Garden Pedestal.

You can buy the sink on our website, here, Scented Garden & Gray Hummingbird Painted Drop-in Bathroom Sink. How do you like that key-wording? LOL. It’s available in two sizes and is the perfect addition to any bathroom.

Family Bathroom with Cats on Sink

bathroom with cats painted on the sink
Not the best photo but a very nice bathroom indeed.

This is a lovely family bathroom in an historic home. They obviously must love Cats because they chose the Cats in the Garden design and had me put it on the white Bates & Bates Georgia Drop-in. It’s a lovely sink, 17-3/4 x 14-1/4″, and it’s made in Oxnard, California, right here in the USA. One of the few manufacturers left producing product at home. Almost everything else comes from Mexico and China, and with the long-lasting effects of Covid, I wonder how those supply lines will be affected. I already am having trouble getting stuff, that comes from Europe. Not good, or maybe in the long-term not a bad thing. Most of the stuff from China isn’t all that good. Back to the Cats in the Garden design… you will feel the love from your feline friends every time you enter the bathroom. Whether it’s in the powder room or your master bath, you’ll enjoy these four beautifully painted cats on the sink, they are in the garden watching pretty butterflies…just waiting to attack. It’s full of great colors and your bathroom decor can be easily coordinated with it. 

Check out the Installation Gallery on the website to see more great examples of our sinks installed in bathrooms. Also check out our social media feeds, Houzz, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook to see more! Thanks for reading. – Lynne

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