custom bathroom with pansy painted sink

This blog post is featuring the first edition of the Purple Pansy painted bathroom sink. I had a customer inspire, ok urge, me to make it for her just how she wanted it. I always loved the pansy motifs I had, I just never had the extra time to make a sink with them. She chose the Bates & Bates Suzanne drop-in, made in the USA by Creations by Alno Inc, one of the few US companies still making sinks stateside.  This is just one of the many painted sink designs with flowers that are available for sale on the website, Everything is made by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for lasting beauty.

Purple Pansy Painted Bathroom Sink

drop-in sink painted with pansies
The first edition of the Purple Pansy Painted Drop-in Sink

Here is an up-close shot of the sink in the customer’s counter. She chose a nice plain white one and I think it really set-off the colors in the design beautifully. It’s an old house and she wanted the bathroom to be picture-perfect and a feature of their home. The pansies are painted in various shades of purple with little white and very light blue accent flowers. The emblem around the drain ties the design together and makes for a pretty good-looking sink. Read on because the next customer got me to make it even nicer…

Celadon Green Bathroom with Pansy Painted Sink

custom bathroom with pansy painted sink
Another historic home with our Pansy sink installed.

She picked up the green in the sink for the walls. Makes it a very relaxing atmosphere, you might want to stay a few extra minutes in this bathroom and check your phone. LOL. Especially if you are younger. I notice my niece who was living with me last year spent forever in the powder room, and it was a little dark one with no windows. I am sure she came out of there with the mark of the toilet seat on her backside. I miss them. Right now I’m doing a quarantine in Canada due to Covid. I’m Canadian and trying to move home but it’s really hard at the moment. Houses are selling like hotcakes and they never had a housing crash here, prices never went down like they did in the states. I had a lovely house in Las Vegas, now, just hoping for a lovely house Back to the bathroom. It’s a Kohler Memoirs toilet, they are expensive.

Custom Pansy Shower Accent Tiles

shower stall with custom pansy tiles
The customer came up with the design for these shower tiles.

The lady who designed the bathroom came up with the design for these tiles with her future daughter-in-law. I wasn’t sure how they were going to use them when I was making the tiles, but they look good. I especially like the accent tile in the recess in the shower stall.

Purple Pansy Sink + Antique Brass Hardward

pansy painted sink in custom bathroom
Another view of the sink in the counter

Here is the other side of the bathroom. I like the simple antique brass faucet and matching soap dispenser. It ties in well with the wood accents in the bathroom. I really appreciate it when a customer ‘styles’ their photos for me, toothbrushes and stuff like that rarely ever look good in a photo. All in all, she did a really nice job on the bathroom and I’m grateful for the photos so I could do this blog post.

2nd Edition of the Pansy Painted Sink

Purple pansy painted sink
Decorative, scalloped vitreous china bathroom sink by Bates & Bates painted with a design of purple pansies. with green leaves.

I said it got better. The next customer saw a previous blog post, this one, and contacted me to make them one because I hadn’t put it on the website. However, they wanted to go one step further and chose this lovely Scalloped sink from Bates & Bates, I think it’s the Julie. All their sinks have women’s names, a little hokey but it makes them easy to remember. The Julie has lovely scallops all the way around the basin and really complements the flowers on the sink. I bet a few other designs would look good on this sink but I’m not anxious to add it to the regular inventory, because it’s a lot of extra work and worry to make sure that everything goes on perfectly on those flutes. One air bubble in the wrong spot and the sink could be no good. I can touch up a lot of them, but not all. Check it out on the website, Purple Pansy Scalloped Drop-in Sink.

You can get more info on it in a previous blog post here, Purple Pansy Bathroom.

This is just one of the many decorated and painted bathroom sinks I make here in the USA, by hand, and all of them are for sale on the website Decorated Bathroom. Please check out our complete collection of painted and decorated bathroom sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories and start designing your new bathroom today! Thanks for reading. – Lynne

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