purple powder room with pansy sink

This post is about a lavender powder room painted with purple pansies on the sink and wall-plates. It’s just one of the painted sinks we sell on the website, decoratedbathroom.com. I do all the decorating and painting myself, then kiln-fire them so the design will not wear out or fade away. The actual fixtures I put the pansies on are made in California, by Creations by Alno, Inc, Bates & Bates sinks. The sinks are hand-crafted by artisans in an old-style factory in Oxnard, a nice little town by the beach. Fortunately, I am located in Las Vegas, at the moment, hopefully not for too much longer, and I am able to drive to LA a few times a year and pick-up a van load of sinks. I can get about 32 in the back of a Dodge Grand Caravan, which I rent, sometimes for only $65 + gas. When I’m there, they let me check over the sinks to make sure they are perfect. When I put all that work into them, I want to make sure I start with the best quality fixtures possible, and thankfully I can do that with the Bates & Bates fixtures.

Purple Pansy Painted Drop-in Bathroom Sink

Purple pansy painted sink
Decorative, scalloped vitreous china bathroom sink by Bates & Bates painted with a design of purple pansies. with green leaves.

This is the Purple Pansy design on a white Bates and Bates Julie. Available on the website for $1198, Purple Pansy Painted Decorative Drop-in Sink. You can’t see it all that well in the photo, but it has a scalloped edge and basin bowl. That makes it a little more challenging for me to make, because it’s very easy to get an air bubble in one of the recesses, but I quadruple check them before firing and I’m usually ok. It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of china paint, when I do get a bubble, I can usually just paint in the area with some paint, re-fire of course, and they disappear. I am a perfectionist to a fault, I go to great lengths to make sure that all the sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories I make are as perfect as is humanly possible in every way. I have to sleep at night. They are quite expensive, I couldn’t afford one, and my customers deserve the best. I do have a house full of decorated sinks, fortunately I can make them myself. I am just about to install two Gold Rope design in the second bathroom in my house. I have the sinks ready to go and fortunately the holes in the counter where the old builders sinks were, and the same size as the Kohler Penningtons. Woo hoo. The old counter is fine. I wanted a quartz counter in the master bathroom, to match the kitchen, but I resisted, my house is almost worth what I paid for it now, after a long spell of it being worth much less. And, I’ve redone the kitchen, bathrooms, etc. I’m not going to be making money on it when I sell it, but I did get to live here, life costs money. Back to the bathroom…

Lavender Bathroom with Pansy Painted Sink

purple powder room with pansy sink
Beautiful powder room with pansy sink and wall plates

This is the photo that inspired the blog post. I really appreciate how the customer ‘styled’ it for the shoot. The purple towel, purple candle, and no toothbrushes or containers of soap from the grocery store. The matching wall plates really tie it all together. Many of my customers are older and renovating their forever homes, and they are willing to make the investments in the painted sinks they’ve always wanted. I have customers tell me all the time that they have been wanting one their whole lives. That’s good for me. The thing I like the most about this power room is the color of the walls, with the white frame on the mirror. It’s a little quirky, teeny tiny bit, and I think that’s probably what appeals to me. You should see my house!!! It’s more than a little quirky, and I try to be normal!!!

Purple Pansy Painted Switch Plate Covers



ceramic wall plate covers painted with pansies
Ceramic wall plate or switch plate covers painted with a purple pansy design. Coordinates with our Purple Pansy design hand painted bathroom sink.

After I made the lavender bathroom customer the sink, they ordered these two wall plates. I think they really tie it all together. You can get a good look at how beautifully the pansies are painted on the wall plate covers. A few shades of purple, lots of green in the leaves, and I only wish I knew the names of the white flowers, but I don’t! You would think I would know my flowers, I love to garden too. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when they are painted. Check out the complete collection of accessories we have available for decoration here.


Purple Pansy Painted Suzanne Drop-in Sink

purple pansy painted sink
Custom design drop-in sink with purple pansies

A customer inspired me to make the first pansy sink. This is it, you can see it’s a more plain sink, the Bates & Bates Suzanne, and nice 18 x 14″ drop-in with a deep bowl. I made her some matching wall tiles and it was installed in a Victorian bathroom in an old farm house. Check it out in a previous Blog post here. One thing that surprises me is that the old-style flowers can look really good on a modern style sink. They look a little more ‘today’ than on the decorative or scalloped sinks. I didn’t even put the sink on the website but it was in a previous blog post, someone saw it and requested I made them the same design on a fancier sink. I directed them to the Bates & Bates website, and they chose the Julie, one of their fancier models.

Purple & Maroon Pansy Painted Vessel Sink

Round vessel sink painted with pansy design
This is a 16″ vessel sink painted with Pansy flowers.

This is the other pansy sink on the site, the Pansy Painted Vessel Sink. I don’t sell too many of them, probably because it’s a terrible photo, but the pansies on this one are really pretty too. Shades of purple, maroon, orange, green and blue. I should put an emblem around the drain on this one, it might sell better then. You can check it out on the website here. The description says “Beautifully painted pansies with a rich color scheme of deep red and purple with gorgeous green leaves and gray stems make a nice border on any style sink. An attractive addition to the powder room or guest bath with great colors and an ‘easy to coordinate to’ design.” I need more words in my blog post.

Bathroom with painted pansy vessel sink
Pansy Painted vessel sink in powder room.

Here it is in a bathroom setting. I say setting because it’s faked up. When I started out I didn’t have a big stash of customer photos. I do now, although most of them aren’t that good. It’s really hard to get a good photo in a bathroom, the lighting, the small space, the mirrors. My favorite customer photos are the ones with a hand or even full body in the reflection of the mirror. That I can photoshop out, usually. I’m up to about 1200 words now on this post, so I’ll write a long closing statement and then get to making sinks. I’m hoping to get the better part of two custom ones done this weekend. They always take a lot longer. However, customers like one design and want it on a different sink, like a drop in instead of a vessel. I can usually accommodate but honestly I wish I was tougher in that area. I’m too nice, I say ok and then it takes forever. I have too many sinks on the website already, so I really don’t need to add anymore. I am trying to reduce the number, not add to it. I want to try to streamline the business a bit more so I can do some other things in my life. I’m going to make a whole bunch of sinks and get them in stock, then I will be available about half of the year to do custom orders. That’s the plan. We’ll see if I can put it into action, change is always a bit daunting.

The pansy design is just one of the painted sinks and bathroom fixtures I make and sell on my website, decoratedbathroom.com where you will find a complete collection of decorated bathroom fixtures with designs of flowers, gold borders, fish, lodge style and many, many more. We can usually add a few hummingbirds to most of our flower designs, they are popular. Who does’t love a hummingbird? Please check out the complete collection on the website, Decorated Bathroom. All of the fixtures are made by hand by me in Henderson, Nevada and kiln-fired for lasting beauty. Thanks for reading. – Lynne


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