ceramic vessel sink painted with Chintz roses

This blog post features our Chintz design painted on a few sinks and some accessories. It’s a versatile hand painted sink design that works great in any bathroom. It’s perfect for a Victorian-style renovation project also works well in a more modern bathroom. It’s a garden of pink, white and yellow roses with lots of little blue and yellow flowers, green leaves and delicate browns stems. It can be painted on a variety of ceramic or porcelain bathroom fixtures, actually most of them are vitreous china, which is what most sinks and toilets are made of including vessel sinks, drop-in sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories. In this post we will be featuring a few sinks and some accessories. All of them are available on our website, decoratedbathroom.com and everything is made by me, Lynne.

Chintz Design Painted Under Mount Bathroom Sink

Pink Roses Chintz painted under mount bathroom sink
Bates & Bates Alyssa under mount bathroom sinks painted with the Chintz design..

I made a pair of these for a customer who specifically wanted an undermount basin. I always prefer using the Bates & Bates sinks because I don’t have problems with them, I suggested this one and she loved them. I also made her some accessories, the tissue box holder below. It’s based on our Chintz Fluted Drop-in painted sink design, check it out on the website here. Chintz Sinks.

Chintz Painted Ceramic Tissue Box Cover







Chintz Floral Tissue Box Cover
Chintz design tissue box cover painted with pink and white roses and little yellow & blue flowers.

The Chintz design can be put on anything. This is a ceramic tissue box cover decorated to match the pair of painted undermount Alyssa bathroom sinks above. You can get a good idea of the different flowers, these ones just feature the large white wild roses, the painted vessel sink with roses show below, also includes the yellow ones. That makes it a bit easier for me to cover the bathroom fixture, because I have more options. They are not actually hand-painted, but as you can see from the photo above, someone actually did painted them, then they created artwork and silk-screened them in about ten colors, light pink, dark pink, light blue, darker blue, etc. They come in a big sheet and I cut them out and put them on there so they look good, then all items are kiln-fired so that the design will not wear out or fade away. Our accessories are a great way to tie the sink into the rest of the decor in the bathroom.

Chintz Drawer Knobs or Pulls

Chintz Flower Ceramic Drawer Pulls
These are a set of ceramic drawer pulls painted with the Chintz flowers.

These are some drawer pulls I made for another customer. I always like to make them, they turn out cute. You can check out some other ones on the website here, in the Scented Garden design. One of our other really popular hand-painted sinks.


Chintz Ceramic Wall Plates


ceramic wall plates painted with flowers
Set of six ceramic wall plates painted to match the sinks.

This is a set of six wall plates or switch plate covers, in ceramic of course, decorated to match the pair of sinks above. I also made this customer a dispenser, toothbrush holder and some other accessories, not shown in this post because they take a long time to ‘silohouette’ in Photoshop and cut out the gray background I take them on.

The customer emailed this me before ordering them to say…

“I really enjoy my sinks. I like to decorate with and wear things that are different. Love your stuff”

Once a year I get motivated and send an email to the previous years customers to request a review. So far I have 107 which isn’t too bad for a one person business. This year I would like to get it up to 135. That’s reasonable. I also get customers to send me photos. I love seeing them and some of them let me post them on social media. I’m grateful.

Victorian Bathroom Under Renovation

half done victorian bathroom renovation
They haven’t installed the drawers yet!

Here’s is one of those customer photos, its the Chintz sink installed in a what is going to be a romantic Victorian Bathroom Renovation, and a colorful one too. The dresser is a really cool vanity with those big curved feet, and the yellow top is going to really pick up the yellow in the sink. I never saw the finished product. I bet it turned out beautifully. It’s looking like not too much expense was spared on this bathroom.

Chintz Painted Ceramic Vessel Sink

ceramic vessel sink painted with Chintz roses
Here’s the top view of the Chintz design on the decorative, flower-shaped vessel sink.

Here’s a new sink I just made. The customer wanted a vessel sink, they often do for a powder room or guest bathroom. I specifically created this one and included the yellow roses mentioned above. I like it better this way, but to change the design on the website for the drop-in version, which features only the pink and white roses, is more trouble, again. I am just a one person business, I could spend every waking moment working more on… everything!!!! This sink takes forever to make too but the results are well worth the effort. It was ordered by an interior designer for their customer, he wrote me this after they received the sink:

Lynne, the sink arrived safely yesterday and I delivered it my client. She absolutely loves the finished product and is so excited to have it installed (which will be a wile yet)
We thank you very much for sharing your talent with us. The sink is beautiful and perfect for our project.
That really is one of the nicest things about making sinks for customers, they usually love them!!

Front View of the Chintz Design Vessel Sink

Front view of vessel sink painted with Chintz design
This is the Front view of the sink, painted with lots of roses.

Here’s the front view of the sink. It’s decorated all the way around. You can check out all the sides of it on the website here… Chintz Painted Vessel Sink.

Chintz Design Decorative Drop-in Bathroom Sink


American Standard Sink painted with pink roses
Chintz design on the discontinue American Standard Renaissance bathroom sink.

This was a one-of-a-kind, custom version of the Chintz design. I would have liked to make more of them, but unfortunately American Standard discontinued the sink. Finally bathrooms and bathroom fixtures are going more modern, but that’s not good for me. The flower designs go very well on the decorative style sinks. Fortunately Bates & Bates, out of California, make lots of nice decorative sinks and I have a relationship with them. They even let me come to their warehouse in California and inspect all the sinks before I take them. They have gone above and beyond the call fo duty and I’m grateful I have that supply. Their sinks are extremely high quality, made in the USA, I wonder what the trade war is going to do to the price of sinks, unfortunately I don’t think it will be good. Also I read recently that now NAFTA is no more, ceramic sinks are subject to duty on import to Canada now. That sucks. My Canadian customers already have to pay so much more for their sinks. Speaking of Canada, I’m grew up there and after 30 years in the USA I’m really feeling like it might be time to head home. To free health care and a better old age than I could get here in the states. Actually the lady I made this sink for was from Canada, they picked it up when they were returning from their snowbird winter in Arizona. Saved on the duty.

These are just some of the bathroom fixtures and accessories we can decorate in the Chintz design. There is also a toilet on the site, Chintz Painted Toilet, it’s highlighted with gold, on another toilet I unfortunately can’t get anymore!!!


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