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Welcome to the Decorated Bathroom Blog. This post is featuring our Wrapping Paper Flowers design, this time in real metallic gold, in a blue bathroom and a matching tissue box cover. It’s a design that is created from abstract floral elements including, leaves, hearts, little flowers, big flowers, little squiggles, etc. I normally do it in black, and It’s available in any color besides the gold one in this post, including platinum. I’ve been meaning to do a platinum on a black sink. I have the sink and the decals, but not the time. I have blog posts to write!! This is just one of the many interesting and unique designs we paint on bathroom sinks and sell on the website We have designs in a wide range of patterns including lots of flowers, gold borders, animal and nature themes and a few others too. All of them are made by me, by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for lasting beauty and durability. Many of the sinks I use are also made in the USA by Bates & Bates, in Oxnard, California and then decorated by me using the age-old traditions of ceramic decoration in Henderson, Nevada but hopefully not for too much longer. I’ve been here 15 years, time to get a move on. It will actually be 15 years at the end of the month. WOW!!!

Gold Abstract Floral Painted Under Mount Basin

gold abstract floral painted under mount sink
The design in gold painted on a white Bates & Bates Debbie.

This version of the design, in gold, which is real gold and shiny and very ‘bling’ isn’t for a family bathroom. Because the gold will show water spots, it’s best installed in a powder room where you have someone to keep it clean. I have a sink with gold all over it in my powder room, I kind of installed it as a test, and we have terrible water in Las Vegas, it’s hard so it leaves a lot of spots. I just give it a little wipe with a soft cloth after I use it and it always looks perfect. After all, it’s my house, I don’t want to look at a dirty sink. One thing that would be important to the care of this sink is to keep it clean, that way you would not need to scrub it. It’s gold, with a shiny surface, if you used an abrasive sponge on it it will scratch it. However, if you just use a bit of dish soap and a soft cloth, rinse and then buff dry with a dry soft cloth and the gold will shine like the morning sun. On that note, I’m leaving right now so I can go for a walk before it gets too late. I feel like writing the rest of this blog post but I know I will feel better all day if I go for a walk and enjoy the morning sun, and all the beautiful fall colors we are getting this year in Vegas. I’ve been here for 15 years, and I’m from Toronto so I know about good fall colors. At the start of fall here, we had a few really cold (high 30’s) nights, and of course we have warm, sunny days here. That’s the recipe for good colors, and this year they didn’t disappoint. Maybe next year I will be in Canada and see some colors. Now my dog died 10 weeks ago, after 17 great years and three months, I can leave here and go back to Canada, at least for half the time. You only have to live in Ontario for five months of the year to get the health insurance. I am self-employed in the US, so I’m stuck with Obamacare, which I fully support, but for me it’s terrible. It’s going to be $600 a month this year and covers nothing, and all the terrible doctors in the network. I’m sick of it, and hopefully not sick!!! LOL.



back to the sink

Here’s the sink in a navy blue powder room.

Here is the sink in installed with a navy blue wall and ornate white mirror. It looks great with the off-white counter, but would be even better with a dark counter or some really wild quartz or granite. This is a faked up bathroom, not a real one. I have the counter, the faucets, etc. You get the picture. The design is painted on a white Bates & Bates Debbie, and the basin size is approximately 17 x 14″.

Ceramic Tissue Box Cover



hand painted ceramic tissue box holder
Matching ceramic tissue box cover.

Not much to say about the tissue box cover, I made it for the photo shoot above but it was too much in the photo. Now, it’s on the shelf.

Wrapping Paper Flowers Sink Painted in Black

Wrapping Paper Flowers design in black on a white undermount sink.
Wrapping Paper Flowers design in black on a white under mount sink.

I originally started doing this design in black on white, it looks awesome, I’ve also done a red one. The black was the original version of the sink, obviously for people who wanted to do something dramatic in their bathroom or powder room. I’ve done it in several other colors, including a three color version in shades of blue and green featured in a previous post, installed in a dining room in Israel. What a great job the designer did, it looks so great. So many customer photos I get back are really not usable, and lots of time people splurge on the sink, and just replace and old drop-in in a formica counter, and guess what? That’s awesome and the sinks look great, however lighting in bathrooms can be a problem so I would say at least 60% of the customer photos I get are really not usable. I would really like to continue with his blog post, but… I’m going to jump in the car, get gas, and drive to Boulder City, near the dam, to visit an old(er) than me lady in the hospital. She has been there for four years now, in the Long Term Care wing, pretty much stuck in a bed, the dope her up pretty good in the afternoon so I have to leave now otherwise she can’t really talk after they give them the pills at 1:00. To be continued…

Flower Painted Sink in Dining Room

Wrapping Paper Flowers design in shades of blue and green on a biscuit
Wrapping Paper Flowers design in shades of blue and green on a biscuit Vitra sink.

This is really a gorgeous version of this sink. To start with it’s a great vessel sink. It’s got a nice deep bowl and the curved rim and a great shape. It was a custom order and the customer wanted it in these three colors. The designer sent me a bunch of beautiful photos of it installed in the dining room in Israel. I really love the way it is installed with the stone wall, glass top for a vanity and the lovely iron brackets. That must have been something else before it was reinvented into this function. This sink was featured in a previous blog post, check it out here. Custom Floral painted sink. I really love getting customer photos, not only do they give me some content for blog posts and social media, but I love to see them. After I put all that work into them, and some of the painted sinks I create take a really long time, they are like a child, I want to make sure they got home safely and are happy in their final destination. Sounds a bit weird I know, but!!!!!

These are just some of the decorated and painted bathroom sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories I make and sell on my website Please check them out. Thanks for reading. – Lynne


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