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Hello decorated sink lovers, I’m hoping to move in the near future. After close to 15 years in this business, I’ve got quite a few painted sinks in my garage so it’s time for a sink sale. You can check out the complete collection of painted sinks on sale on the website, All of them are made by me, by hand with love and care, and are available for immediate shipping. I’ve got some great deals on great sinks, with the objective of making some lucky customers happy, and especially to free up some space in my storage. I’m trying to get to a more minimalist stage in my life, and tons of sinks in the garage don’t fit into that.

Besides all the done sinks, I need to keep a lot of blank ones in stock too, and I would prefer to use my space for them. Sometimes, believe it or not, sinks don’t always turn out the first time, all too often they get cracked, or some other flaw shows up after firing, and I need another one ready to go. Many sinks come from California, and I’m in Las Vegas, Henderson actually, so they come quickly from there. The problem is all the other ones that don’t, sometimes they can take up to a week. I normally try to pre-fire all the sinks I use to make sure there is nothing wrong with them before I put all that effort in them, oh and love too.

Blue Amaranth Old Style

Blue and white roses painted on white drop-in bathroom sink
Blue Roses Painted on a white fluted drop-in bathroom sink

This is the previous version of the Blue Amaranth design, perfect in every way. It’s full of blue roses and flowers in various shades of blue. It’s on a petite fluted drop-in sink approximately 17-3/4 x 14-1/4″.  Ships in 3 days -1 week. Some lucky person is going to install this sink in their bathroom and get a great deal on it and love it every time they see it. Only $399 + shipping.

Cigar Labels Painted Undermount Sink

Decorated sink with vintage cigar labels painted on it.
Decorated sink with vintage cigar labels painted on it.

This is the perfect sink for a man-cave, smoking room or card room. It’s one of the few designs in our collection that isn’t full of flowers! Check it out on the website here and get it before it’s gone. Cigar Labels Undermount Bathroom Washbasin.

Up close of the Cigar Labels painted on bathroom sink

vintage cigar lables
Detail of the Cigar box labels painted on the sink

You can see how beautiful the artwork is in these labels. I would save this one for a future home but I have way too many already in stock! The sink photo isn’t the best, but it’s a really beautiful selection of vintage labels taken from a Dover Publications Historic Archive. They are stunningly beautiful. They came as a digital file, and I was able to get computer decals printed, when I knew a guy who had the machine and knew what to do with the files to make the decals turn out great. The decals are made up from finely ground up glass suspended in a medium. When you fire the sink, the medium burns off and just the glass, or the glaze, remains. Because the glass is basically minerals, some colors are not compatible with others, like purples, so the artwork has to be seriously tweaked to get it to turn out beautiful like these ones. Buy it today, only $299 + shipping. Cigar Labels Undermount Bathroom Washbasin.

Straight Flush Cards Painted Vessel Sink

playing cards painted on sink
This isn’t a good photo. It looks perfect in real life.

This one is great for a poker player or card shark. You would think living in Las Vegas I would have sold this one by now, but I don’t sell many sinks in Vegas, we have a small population. These decals were custom printed in the same process outlined above, and look perfect. If you are interested in this one, I can get it out and send you some cell phone photos so you can get a better idea of the quality. I wasn’t set-up for photography then, I can take a much better photo now, 15 years or so later. The cards are a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of Spades. It would look awesome in a contemporary bathroom with a lot of black and mirrors, and shiny stuff. Buy today for only $399 + shipping, Vintage Cigar Labels Undermount Sink. It’s a one-of-a-kind because the ‘good-guy’ isn’t doing the computer decals anymore. All done.

Teddy Bears Painted Kohler Pennington

sink painted with teddy bears
This one is on.a Kohler Pennington, with handpainting.

I used to make quite a few of these but I guess Teddy Bears just aren’t Disney enough for today’s younger generation. This design features really cute Teddy Bears and some old-time toys with some watercolor-style hand-painting in the background. It’s painted on a Kohler Pennington sink, about 21 x 17″. It’s the most ‘standard’ drop-in sink out there with a good-sized rim and bowl. Get this one before someone else does, only $199 + shipping. It’s here on the website, Teddy Bears Painted Kohler Pennington Drop-in sink.

There’s quite a few more of our painted sinks in drop-in, undermount and vessel installations available now at great prices in the sink sale on our website Please help me reduce my storage load and buy a sink at a great price. Thanks for reading. – Lynne

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