This post features a gorgeous ‘she-shed’ with a custom version of the Chintz design painted on a white vessel sink. The customer loved our Chintz design, which is a traditionally styled floral with lots of big pink roses, and smaller white and yellow roses and lots of other small blue flowers. It’s just one of the designs we have of sinks painted with flowers. We have a complete collection of decorated and painted sinks, all available on the website, decoratedbathroom.com. All of them are made by me, by hand and with love, in the USA and kiln-fired for lasting beauty. The design won’t wear out or fade away with proper care. You can check out a previous blog post of many other Chintz designs we have available here, Chintz in the Bathroom.

She She Powder Room with Flower Vessel Sink

powder room with painted sink
She Shed powder Room with the Chintz Vessel Sink.

The vanity they chose is a beautiful antique wood table with a lovely patina. Batten-board walls and a modern wall-mounted faucet complete the look. I really love it when my sinks are combined with more modern features. It’s amazing to me just how well they work together. The flowers on a modern sink can look awesome. Let’s start with this lovely powder room. You can just see through the window that it’s a brick building, and what a lovely window. It must be a lovely, old house. I live in Vegas, if only I got to live in an old house again. I hope I get to one day. I grew up in one that was built in 1913 or something. A house with some energy. Out here in the desert, the only energy is what ’em up cheap and charge a lot. LOL. Back to the powder room. I just love the combination of the old and new. Old-style chandelier, new style mirror and faucet. The batten board is traditional, but it looks like a modern interpretation. I like the hand towel too and appreciate the fact they styled these photos for me. Too often photos have toothbrushes or soap containers etc. in view. Also bathroom photography is a tricky business. They lighting is always a challenge.

Chintz Vessel Sink in Powder Room


Top view of the vessel sink painted with the Pink Chintz Roses design.

Here’s a close-up of the sink. You can see the beautiful wood grain on the front of the table-vanity. Also, the faucet. Really modern!!! I love that type with the plate on the wall, it looks contemporary and you get a waterfall type effect when the water comes out of the faucet. I’m trying to get the word count up on the blog post, so sorry about all the words about not-very important points. Oh, and the floor, it looks like nice wide width wood planks, like pine or something. That’s a lucky lady who gets to go in this powder room.

Custom Chintz Vessel Sink

ceramic vessel sink painted with Chintz roses

Here’s the top view of the Chintz design on the decorative, flower-shaped vessel sink.

The design has lots of flowers in shades of pink, yellow and various blues with lots of bright (and light) green leaves. The design isn’t actually hand-painted, it’s ceramic decals, which were made from a painting of the flowers, and these ones look like the real thing. They are painted in a watercolor style and the china on the sink shines through, giving them a lustrous shine. It’s meant to be installed in this direction, not the way it’s installed in the photos. I always make the backs of my sinks look as good as the front, so I didn’t say anything to the customer (I usually don’t, as long as they are happy, I am too!), but it’s meant to be the other way around. However, as I said basically, the customer is always right. And, it looks great the way it’s installed. I’m glad I added the two roses to the back, now front, of the sink and didn’t just put nothing there.

Pink & White Roses Sink and Antique Dresser Vanity

Front view of the sink on the antique table vanity.

You can see in this photo why I think it should be installed the other way around. There is a lump on the sink, this is the overflow, where the water goes if the sink gets too much water in it. Normally, vessel sinks don’t come too often with overflow drains. They are usually just one thickness of china, That’s why there is a lump, the water has to go somewhere to get back down to the drain. I’m so glad I put those two roses on the back. Most of the time I put a sticker on the sink with arrows towards the mirror and front of counter. I guess I didn’t do that for this one.

The sink was ordered by the interior designer on the project. When he sent these beautiful photos to me. Here’s what he said

“Lynne, I apologize. I thought I had responded long ago about the review. I have been waiting for the project to finish and I am finally including a few photos of your beautiful sink. My client loves it and is so happy with your work. She wants to write the review and will do it soon. Once again, I thank you very much for sharing your talents with us.”

This is just one of the traditional floral designs I make and decorate on bathroom fixtures. It’s really versatile and fortunately I have a life-time supply of the flowers, Fortunately I had them printed before they started doing a crappy job on them in China! And, fortunately ceramic decals can last for years, and years, and years. They are just ground up glass in an oil-based medium. If properly stored they could last a lifetime. Please check out the complete collection on the website, decoratedbathroom.com and thanks for reading. – Lynne

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