elegant bathroom with Rococo flowers painted vessel basin

I love it when my customer’s send me photos of their bathrooms. I make all the sinks, toilets and accessories by hand and put a lot of love into them so it’s nice to see them in their new homes. This posts is a bunch of different photos client’s have sent me recently that I think look fantastic. All of the photos feature our hand-painted sinks and toilets which are available for sale at decoratedbathroom.com. We have designs in many colors and styles, so if you are in the market for a unique bathroom sink, please check it out.

Eden Rose Undermount

Painted sink featuring the Eden Rose design and a hummingbird. Beautiful shades of maroon, pink and yellow with green leaves. Made in the USA by Decorated Bathroom.

This is one of a pair of the Eden Rose design. I had to modify the design a bit because the design is on a smaller sink than I normally make it. It took me a couple of days to figure out how I would do it, and the solution was good. It looks exactly like the one on the website. This sink is a St Thoma/Icera Vanity undermount. It comes in two sizes, this one is about 15 x 12″ and has a nice deep bowl, which always helps with a smaller sink. The Eden Rose design features maroon, pink and yellow roses, with a kind of antique or vintage feel to the design. The sink really pops on the counter. I made the flowers the same and included a different hummingbird on each sink, at the customer’s request. They loved them!

Eden Rose Painted Sinks Turquoise Bathroom

Surprise, they painted the bathroom a beautiful turquoise shade. I think it really works with the sinks, it looks colorful. A nice change from more brown and beige. You can see here how I customized the sinks, each one has a different hummingbird. I don’t normally add hummingbirds to this design, but the customer asked me and I was only too happy to oblige. They look nice and I think a lot of us out there love hummingbirds. I get a lot of requests for them. They must be cool people!!

Heirloom Roses Painted Bathroom Sink

Pink and white Heirloom Roses woht green leaves and stems, painted on a fluted bathroom sink. Made and decorated in the USA by Decorated Bathroom.

This one came from the Sink Sale so the customer got a great deal on it. It’s got a few extra roses on the basin because a mark showed up when I fired the sink. I always make sure everything I make and ship to my customers is as perfect in every way possible. It’s the Heirloom Roses design and features pink and white Heirloom Roses painted on a white Bates & Bates Georgia drop-in, made in Oxnard, California and decorated by me, also in the USA. Very pretty!

Scented Garden & Hummingbirds Painted Sink

Beautiful painted sink featuring the Scented Garden design full of flowers, a hummingbird, butterfly and ladybug. Hand-made in the USA by Decorated Bathroom.

This is the Scented Garden & Brown Hummingbird sink. It features an array of flowers including tulips, poppies, roses, daisies, violets, chrysanthemums, iris, morning glory, cornflowers and more, and a hummingbird, a ladybug and butterfly too. I only have a few of the brown hummingbirds. It’s one of the most popular designs on the website, decoratedbatoom.com, where you can find a complete collection of beautiful painted sinks for your next bathroom project.

Rococo Flowers Painted Vessel Sink

Elegant bathroom featuring the Rococo design on a round vessel sink. The flowers include lots of roses, orchids , poppies and many more, painted in pastel tones in the USA.

This was another sink from the Sink Sale. It’s a one-of-a-kind. It has lots of flowers too, but these ones are painted in more of a pastel tone, a little more romantic looking. I really like the job this customer did on their bathroom. It looks very classy and the sink ties in really well with the rest of the bathroom. You can see in the reflection of the mirror the painted decoration on the wall, and I like the flowers over the toilet in the angel head and who doesn’t love an entry arch. Looks awesome!

Custom Blue Amaranth Drop-in

Kohler Pennington drop-in sink painted with a design of blue roses and flowers. Custom-made in the USA by Decorated Bathroom. Make you next bathroom beautiful with one of our painted sinks.

This is another custom version of the Blue Amaranth Roses design I made for a repeat customer. I normally do this design on a fluted sink, but this customer wanted this style of drop-in sink. She was in Canada, and I’m Canadian, (and American), but I always want to go the extra mile for the Canadian customers. It costs a lot more for them to get their sinks (with the exchange rate and extra shipping charges), I feel bad for that but there isn’t anything I can do, except to give them a little break. I give the ‘O Canada’ discount.

These are just a few of the decorated and painted sinks available for sale on the website decoratedbathroom.com. There you will find a complete collection of painted sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories. All made by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for lasting beauty. Please check out the complete collection at decoratedbathroom.com. Thanks for reading! – Lynne

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