custom shower tile flower mural

This is a beautiful flowered bathroom in Ohio. The customer was a real visionary because she was the one who figured it all out and even sourced some of the ceramic shower shelves, I just had to make the bathroom fixtures and porcelain accessories. I was really impressed when I got the photos, it looks elegant and sophisticated. I always love to see what my customer’s do with their painted sinks, toilets, tiles and bathroom accessories. They really are kind of like my babies and on this project I did become quite attached to several of the pieces. I made a mural for the shower, towel bars, a pair of inset ceramic shower shelves, soap dish and tissue paper holder, switch plate covers, and of course a sink and toilet. All made and decorated in the USA with love and care by me, Lynne, and available for sale on the website,

Tile Mural, Sink & Accessories

Custom bathroom featuring the Scented Garden flower painted sink, toilet, shower mural and porcelain bathroom accessories. Hand decorated in the USA by Decorated Bathroom.

This is an overview of the bathroom, you can see the painted sink, switch plate cover (to the right of the shower), shower shelves, towel bar and mural, all painted with the Scented Garden design. It features all kinds of flowers including tulips, poppies, roses, daisies, violets, chrysanthemums, iris, morning glory, cornflowers and more, and a hummingbird, a ladybug and butterfly too. She did an excellent job, I love they way she used the black tile around the mural, on the floor and above the fixtures, it really ties it all together. As you can see, no expense was spared!

Painted Vessel Sink, Toilet & Bathroom Tissue Holder

Elegant bathroom with custom painted sink & toilet featuring the Scented Garden & Hummingbird design. Hand made in the USA with love and care by Lynne!

Here’s another view of the bathroom, looking towards the other side. I really like the cabinetry the customer chose, a lovely shade of brown and elegantly styled. I also decorated the toilet-tissue holder, you can see it there on the wall beside the Kohler Devonshire toilet.

Scented Garden Painted Vessel Sink & Soap Dish

Flower-shape vessel sink painted with flowers, a butterfly and hummingbirds. Lots of roses, tulips, poppies, daisies and more. Hand-made in the USA by Decorated Bathroom Company. Get yours today.

This is the vessel sink resting on a gorgeous piece of marble. The design is one of the most popular designs on the site, Scented Garden, but I had never made it in a vessel like that before. It turned out really well. It’s on a sink from China, which I have to buy about five to get a good one, but they are inexpensive. It’s pretty annoying but it’s the only flower-style vessel sink I can find. It looks great on the vanity and you can see the custom soap dish installed in the wall. Love the faucets too.

Scented Garden Painted Flower Toilet

Hand-painted toilet with a design of flowers and hummingbirds on a Kohler Devonshire toilet. Hand-decorated in the USA by Decorated Bathroom.

Here’s a close-up shot of the toilet. The Scented Garden design is painted on a white Kohler Devonshire toilet tank and lid. I normally only decorated the tank and lid of the toilet, I can’t quite fit an elongated bowl into my kilns, and you really don’t see the bottom of the toilet. I love this Kohler toilet for decorating, it looks nice and really works well with the design of flowers, hummingbirds and butterflies, probably a ladybug on there too, on the lid. All of the bathroom fixtures were hand-decorated in the USA and kiln-fired for lasting beauty. The design won’t wear out or fade away, it’s permanently fused to the glaze on the fixture.

Shower Mural with Matching Tile Bar and Inset Shower Shelves

Gorgeous custom bathroom with custom floral tile mural and matching accessories. Decorated in the USA by Decorated Bathroom.

The customer found these beautiful shower shelves, hand-made by another American ceramics company, They were beautiful and extremely well-made. It was a pleasure to decorate them. I made a pair, different but the same. The highlight of this bathroom is the mural. It’s painted on white tiles, then framed with more of the black tile, I think this looks awesome. It’s just the right size for the shower and fits the proportion of the flowers.

Flower Tile Shower Mural

Custom shower tile mural featuring tons of flowers, roses, tulips, poppies and more plus butterflies and hummingbirds. Coordinated with our painted sinks & toilets. Hand decorated in the USA.

You can see all the flowers and hummingbirds in the mural here. The flowers include tulips, poppies, roses, daisies, violets, chrysanthemums, iris, morning glory, cornflowers and more. They are painted in many colors and you can easily coordinate any bathroom decor around them. Check out this previous post Scented Garden Bathroom with tiles and Mural where the customer purchased separate linens in several colors to change out the look of her bathroom.

I have done so many different items in this design, and unfortunately I can’t get some of the flowers anymore. I’m not sure what to do about it, I’m still trying to figure out a solution since my customers love this versatile and colorful design. Check out these previous blog posts featuring the Scented Garden design. Flower Shower Tile Mural, Scented Garden & Hummingbirds Pedestal, Scented Garden Toilet & Drop-in Basin. Many, many thanks to my customer who sent me these fabulous photos. Thanks for reading and please check out the website where you will find a complete collection of decorated bathroom fixtures. – Lynne

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