decorated bathroom sink painted with pink and white roses

This blog post features the Chintz design, available at It’s a place where you can get beautiful bathroom sinks and toilets all painted in the USA and kiln-fired for lasting durability. The Chintz design works beautifully in an historic or Victorian renovation and also looks nice in a more modern bathroom. All of the Chintz designs can be adapted to almost any style of sink or toilet and can be modified with more or less of the design on the sink or toilet.

The Chintz design looks great on the sink in any bathroom. It’s got pink and white roses, yellow buttercups, light blue forget-me-nots, lots of green leaves and even a butterfly or ladybug all delicately painted in a watercolor style. I make a lot of sinks in this design, no two ever turn out exactly the same. They are hand-made, and it’s even harder to make an exact pair, which I can and do but sometimes it’s nice to have a pair a little bit different. Different but the same. Lots of customers get two different hummingbirds on sinks where I use them, or two different butterflies. It’s a custom touch to show off all the money you are spending on the sinks. These are really pretty fluted drop-in sinks, Bates & Bates Georgias, which are currently not available due to COVID. Not because of China-supply-line issues, but because the factory where they were made in California can’t compete, they can’t get good manpower anymore. I’m so bummed out because I really loved their sinks and they were such a nice company to deal with. This business is full of issues like this, the biggest problem I have is getting good sinks.

Chintz Painted Sink with Pink, White & Yellow Roses

Beautiful powder room or bathroom sink painted with pink and white roses. Made the USA by Bates & Bates and and decorated in the USA by Decorated Bathroom Company. With love and care!

The sink shown above is a special version I made for my friend in Canada. I don’t normally use the larger yellow flowers in the design, and she had a lot of yellow in her bathroom. It was really hard to make it, I don’t know why, maybe just first time jitters. Ha ha. Those went away years ago. It’s just that I like every sink that leaves my studio to be perfect in every way possible, sometimes that takes more time!!

Chintz Pink & White Roses Painted Drop-in Basin

Beautiful fluted bathroom sink painted with a design of pink and white roses, with yellow and blue flowers. Made and decorated in the USA by Decorated Bathroom.

This is a slightly different version and the one I prefer to make, it doesn’t have the larger yellow flowers in it, just the white ones. For some reason it’s easier to make them this way without the yellow flowers. It’s easier to balance the colors on the sink and I always want to make sure they turn out perfect for my wonderful customers.

Pair of Chintz Sinks in the Skutt Kiln

This is what they look like in the Kiln before firing. It’s a Skutt 1227, it has 12 sides and measures about 29″ inside. It’s known as a production kiln Takes up a lot of room!!

Here’s a pair of the Chintz sinks in the kiln. The color is a little different until the fixture has been fired. The kilns I prefer to use are the Skutt 1227. That’s what you see in the photo. It’s a professional grade kiln with an interior dimension of 29″ and 12 sides. It has an automatic controller where I can program different firing cycles to make sure everyone turns out perfect. There are a lot of flowers on there so it also requires serious ventilation. There is also a venting system on the kiln. Three holes are drilled in the lid and three in the bottom. You attach a special cup and venting hose to the holes on the bottom and then use the Enviro-vent, which is also made by Skutt. It’s just a fan that you install through the wall, hook up the venting hose and all that smelly air goes outside. You have to watch where it goes too, since you don’t want to upset the neighbors, it really stinks terribly.

Kohler Toilet Painted With Pink Chintz Roses

Kohler Toilet Tank & Lid painted with a Chintz design of pink, yellow and white roses. Perfect for a Victorian or contemporary bathroom. Made in the USA by Decorated Bathroom.

Another low quality photo, lighting isn’t the best but you get the idea. It’s a Kohler toilet chosen by the customer to fit under a counter. One of those old-school type counters that continues over the toilet. She told me not to put any flowers on the lid, but I did put some decoration on the it, it looked too weird without it. She contacted me several times for counter advice and it turns out she got a totally different counter and the top of the toilet is now on display. Just as well I put those flowers on there. Check out a slightly different Chintz toilet on the website, Chintz Roses Painted Toilet.

Chintz Painted Sink in Mirror Bathroom

Hand painted fluted sink with the Chintz floral design in a white master bathroom with gold swan faucet and matching bathroom accessories.

This is a very popular pin on Pinterest. I actually didn’t make this sink, Sharon, the lady who did the sinks before I took over 17 years ago, made it. That’s my mother’s bathroom and that’s how I started doing the business. She got to be friends with the lady after she ordered about 6 sinks for her new house. As you can see, she got the accessories too and splurged (once again!) on the Swan Faucets. You can get cheap ones now, you couldn’t then! While I’m at it, here’s the toilet, also another very popular pin on Pinterest.

Chintz Roses & Gold Painted Victorian-Style Toilet

Here’s the matching toilet Sharon did for my mother. She lives a lot of gold, so she had that added to the tank & lid. There is also a matching porcelain shelf and toilet brush.

This is just one of the designs I make for my customers. Please check out the whole collection of them at Decorated Bathroom. Where everything is made with love and care in the USA, by me, Lynne. Thanks for reading. – Lynne

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