gold brick border painted sink

Not all gold borders need to be ornate. We have several border design painted sinks on our website, which are geometric in nature and look great in a more contemporary bathroom or powder room. They can all be applied to any size of basin and work well on a white or biscuit sink. Because these design are metallic gold or silver, they would also be awesome on a black (or any color) sink. We are currently using American-made Bates & Bates sinks and they can be obtained in a large assortment of colors.

Brick Border Hand Painted Bathroom Sink

Silver brick border design painted on a white vanity basin.
Platinum Brick Border design on a white center drain vanity basin.

This isn’t the best photo of the sink but it’s bright, shiny platinum (silver) and coordinates great in a contemporary or traditional master bathroom or powder room. Available on our website for $599.

Gold Brick Border Painted Vanity Sink

Real metallic gold Brick Border Painted Undermount sink
Real metallic gold Brick Border Painted Undermount

The same sink in gold, little better photo, this time on a 17 x 14″ rear drain undermount vanity sink.

Platinum Chain Maille Border Painted Sink

platinum geometric contemporary border hand painted bathroom sink
Geometric ‘Chain Maille’ design in platinum painted on a white under mount basin.

We call this design Chain Maille because it kind of looks like it. It’s a series of sideways “L” shapes put together to create a subtle texture. Here is a detail.

contemporary design hand painted border basin detail
Detail of the Chain Maille design painted on a white under mount sink.

Modern Black Powder Room with Chain Maille Painted Sink

hand painted silver border sink in modern black powder room
Chain Maille design painted sink in a modern black powder room.

Here it is in a contemporary black and white bathroom with a white marble counter, black walls and crystal candlesticks.

Geometric Concentric Squares Border Painted Basin

modern gold squares design painted bathroom basin
Gold Concentric Squares painted on a white under mount basin.

This sink design is a modern interpretation of the classic Greek Key. It’s been quite popular and is available in real metallic gold or platinum. Check it out on our website.

All of these border designs can be applied to almost any kind of sink or toilet. All of our sinks are kiln-fired and made by hand in the USA. We also have a good selection of more ornate and decorative borders on our site, check out the complete collection at

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