blue oriental dragon painted sink

Here are some blue bathrooms from the Installation Gallery on our site, featuring our hand-painted bathroom sinks and a toilet, made by hand in the USA. Check out all the bathrooms in our Installation Gallery at the link above.

Blue and White Bathroom with Oriental Dragons Sink

blue and white bathroom with oriental dragons painted porcelain sink
Oriental Blue Dragon sink in a blue and white bathroom.

This is on a Kohler sink that has a nice rim where two-tone border fits perfectly. This sink isn’t on the site, I have enough of the dragons to make one more sink, with slightly different trim. If you are interested, contact us at

Kohler Painted Toilet with Oriental Dragons Design

hand Kohler painted toilet with oriental blue dragons design
Oriental Blue Dragon matching one-piece toilet.

This is the toilet tank lid we made to match the sink. It’s a one-piece Kohler toilet, in white.

Blue Roses Painted Sink in Traditional Blue Powder Room

traditional navy blue bathroom with hand painted rose sink
Blue Amaranth design on the sink in a traditional blue bathroom.

This sink is a traditional blue-delft style design with roses and flowers in shades of blue. Looks great with the Wedgewood cup, navy walls and matte platinum mirror frame.

Navy Powder Room With Platinum Fancy Emblem Vessel Sink

navy blue powder room with silver fancy decorated sink
Navy blue powder room with Platinum Fancy Emblem vessel sink.

This is about a 16″ square vessel sink with a decorative emblem in platinum on all sides. Adds a little something extra to the bathroom sink. White marble counter and ornate white-framed mirror complete the scene.

Check out the complete Installation Gallery on the website to see more examples of our painted bathroom sinks in bathrooms. All made by hand in the USA and kiln-fired for everlasting beauty. Thanks for reading.

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