hand painted sink with fish design

Our Lodge and Cabin design hand-painted sinks are surprisingly popular. Choices include a few fish, ducks, wolves, and a moose and deer. They are beautifully lithographed motifs, with sophisticated colors that add an interesting element to an otherwise brown bathroom. Check out our complete collection of painted bathroom sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories on our website, decoratedbathroom.com.

Ducks in Flight Painted Undermount Sink

Ducks in Flight design painted on a white St Thomas undermount
Ducks in Flilght design painted on a white St Thomas under mount basin.

This is the Ducks in Flight Design decorated sink , one of the favorites in our Lodge design collection. Five ducks flying across the sink in stages of flight. It’s easy to coordinate to any style of vanity or color combo and pick up the brown, beige, off white, maroon green and yellow in the design with the towels and bathroom accessories.

Detail of Ducks Painted Sink

Ducks in Flight design painted sink detail.
Ducks in Flight design painted sink detail.

The ducks are rendered shades of gray, white, brown and beige with beautiful green heads, deep red necks and feet and yellow beaks.

Muskie Design Painted Sink

muskie hand painted fish sink
Muskie Design with Small Fish, Seaweed and Shells painted on a white undermount.

I love the addition of the small shells, seaweed and little fish in this design and the muskie is in beautiful shades of green and dark beige with maroon (ish) highlights and light green seaweed. Looks great with any bathroom counter. Check it out on the website here: Muskie Painted Sink.

Deer & Moose Painted Bathroom Basin

hand painted bathroom basin with moose and deer
Moose & Deer hand painted on a white drop-in basin.

The Moose & Deer sink is perfect for a hunting cabin or lodge. A big deer and moose and several smaller ones on the rim of the drop-in sink in a kind of antiqued finish. This design would also look great on a vessel sink or could be adapted to an undermount.

All of our sinks, toilet, tiles and bathroom accessories are hand-made in the USA. We kiln-fire all our fixtures for to permanently fuse the design onto the porcelain, it will not wear out or fade away with proper care. Proper care is to keep them clean and dry and to use non-abrasive cleanser. We use the same method on our fixtures that is used on kitchen plates and mugs so the decoration is on there for the life of the fixture. Thanks for reading. Please check out our complete collection of hand-painted sinks at www.decoratedbathroom.com.

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