Cats, flowers and butterflies painted on a ceramic bathroom accessory set.

We just added a new page to the website featuring some of our hand-painted bathroom accessories. They all coordinate with our collection of hand painted sinks, toilets, tiles and of course, accessories. Check out the new accessory page where you can see lots of other examples of our hand painted sink designs on porcelain and ceramic bathroom accessories.

Asian Blue Willow Design Set

Oriental Blue Willow Design bathroom accessory set.
Oriental Blue Willow Design bathroom accessory set.

Bird of Paradise Ceramic Bath Accessories

Bird of Paradise hand painted ceramic bath accessories
Bird of Paradise design on a soap dish, dispenser and cup.

This design has been quite popular lately. Check out the sink on the website here, Bird of Paradise sink, or a previous post which includes a matching toilet tank lid.

Scented Garden and Hummingbird porcelain wall hooks.
Scented Garden and Hummingbird porcelain wall hooks.

Cute porcelain hooks about 3.5″ long with flowers from the Victorian Garden design with a small green hummingbird. Check out the matching sink, Victorian Garden Drop-in.

hand painted floral ceramic tissue box cover
Scented Garden design painted tissue box cover.

I got bored making these tissue dispensers with a flower on each side. Much more creative like this and it matches the sink better. The Scented Garden and Hummingbird on a fluted drop-in.

porcelain toilet roll holder
Gold Swirling Lines design on a porcelain toilet roll holder.

This was a custom order to match the Gold Swirling Lines Sink & Toilet. Check it out on the Installation Gallery on the site, (it’s at the very bottom of the page!)

hand painted floral bathroom accessories
Accessories in the Scented Garden design.

This customer ordered even more accessories than you see here. I did a whole set of drawer knobs with matching flowers on them, they turned out really cute, a big tile mural, switch plates, a vase, the list goes on. Check out the mural and more accessories in a previous post.

These are just some of our designs on ceramic and porcelain bathroom accessories. Check out the new accessories page on our website, to see more. Thanks for reading.

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