Wrapping Paper Flowers design in shades of blue and green on a biscuit

These are a few of my personal favorites from the Installation Gallery on our website, decoratedbathroom.com. The Installation Gallery features our hand painted sinks in bathrooms and powder rooms in styles from traditional to contemporary. It’s a great place for finding bathroom ideas and how best to feature your hand-painted sink.

Wrapping Paper Flowers Painted Vessel Sink

hand painted vessel sink with flowers design in shades of blue and green
Custom version of the Wrapping Paper Flowers design in shades of blue and green.

This is a custom version of the Wrapping Paper Flowers design done in shades of turquoise, navy blue and lime green. It’s a great contrast with the stone walls and glass top self/vanity it’s sitting on. It went to Israel and is installed in the dining room.

Cloverleaf Painted Sink with Mirror Collection

vessel sink painted with platinum cloverleaf design
Cloverleaf design painted in platinum on a square white vessel sink.

This is the Cloverleaf design in platinum on a white, 16″ square vessel basin. The collection in the background features mirrors and curios and some Chanel No 5 lotion too!

Vintage Cigar Labels Decorated Under Mount Sink

Vintage cigar labels hand painted sink with granite counter
Custom Vintage Cigar Labels with a black granite counter.

These are beautiful vintage cigar labels taken from the real thing. There are additional photos on the website where you can see more detail in the cigar labels. These were done using computer generated decals. The images were scanned into the computer and then reproduced via a Xerox copier that is rigged up with glass pigments instead of inks. The pigments create the ceramic decal, it is then soaked in water, placed on the ware (sink) and kiln-fired to about 1500°F to mature on the porcelain.

Black Powder Room with Chevron Painted Sink

elegant chevron painted sink in black bathroom
Chevron design on a rectangle vessel in a black bathroom.

This is the Chevron design painted on a rectangle shape vessel sink. It’s installed on an antique wood table turned into a vanity and black walls. Love the candlesticks and painted panels on the wall.


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