hand painted floral bathroom sink

We have several sinks with roses in our collection of hand-painted porcelain bathroom sinks. Here are a few favorites. You can see our complete collection of painted bathroom sinks, toilets, tiles and accessories at www.decoratedbathroom.com.

Scented Garden & Hummingbird Painted Sink

hand painted porcelain bathroom sink with colorful flowers
Scented Garden design with Gray Hummingbird on a white fluted drop-in sink.

This is one of our most popular designs and it has lots of roses. It comes with a gray or brown hummingbird, a butterfly and ladybug too. Lots of bright colors and many different flowers. A traditional hand-painted sink style.

Chintz Design Decorated Drop-in Basin

hand painted drop in sink with pink roses
Chintz design with big pink roses on a biscuit scalloped drop-in sink.

This is another popular floral design and a traditionally-styled hand-painted sink. It’s painted in a water-color style in shades of pink, white, blue, yellow and green.

Heirloom Roses and Hummingbirds Painted Drop-in Basin

hand painted drop-in porcelain sink with pink roses and hummingbirds
Heirloom Roses and Hummingbirds on a 17 x 21″ biscuit fluted drop-in.

A customer inspired this design, she wanted ‘roses all over the sink’. These Heirloom Roses are in shades of pink and white with lots of deep maroon and green in the leaves. Two hummingbirds finish off the design. This one is on a grande biscuit fluted drop-in sink, about 17 x 21″. Also made a matching toilet for this sink, featured in previous post.

Eden Rose Fluted Drop-in Decorated Bathroom Sink

Eden Rose design painted on a white fluted drop-in basin

Eden Rose design painted on a white fluted drop-in basin.

This Eden Rose design always reminds me of the 1940’s. I think it’s the colors, dusty yellow, maroon, pink and green with a little gray shading in the background. Another ‘traditional hand-painted sink’.  Show on a grande fluted drop-in sink, about 17 x 21″.

We also have a nice blue rose sink, the Blue Amaranth, featured in another post in a blue bathroom.

These are some of the painted sinks with roses we have on our website, decoratedbathroom.com. Check out our complete collection of traditional and contemporary hand painted, decorated bathroom sinks and thanks for reading.

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